JVMS Minutes – April 12 th, 2018 at Taverna

  1. Introduction of Guest
  2. Approval of January Meeting Minutes: motion by Mitch Crystal, second by Brad Mackenzie; motion passed
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Social / Charitable Outreach – Dr. Rebecca Williams – Absent / no report; will get updates on prior/recent events (such as Believe Foundation Rodeo and Terrarium Social) as well as planned activities for 2018 at next meeting
    2. Treasurer Report – Dr. Craig Price – Absent; report sent for presentation (see report)
      1. Total in accounts: $122,126.73; first quarter profit: $13,770 (all from membership dues); first quarter expenses: $2,513.44 (mostly www site, meals/entertainment, dues/subscriptions
    3. Website / Social Media – Dr. Cindy Miller chair – Absent; Dr. Mitch Crystal, member (present/reports)
      1. We are moving to secure status for entire site (https); otherwise no significant changes
    4. Membership Committee – Dr. Cindy Miller chair – Absent; Dr. Mitch Crystal, member (present/reports)
      1. New members:Catherine Harrington, UF 95, Russell Road Animal Clinic; Heidi Abrecht, Ohio State 2012, St. Johns Veterinary Hospital; Deven King, Auburn 2016, Arlington Animal Hospital
      2. Pending Members (have not paid yet):  Brett Darrow, Univ. Wis. 2011, Capitol Veterinary Specialists; Jim Rich, Rich Veterinary Services; Jaime Picket, Auburn 2016, UF 2003, Pet Paradise
      3. Motion to accept all as members once they have paid dues by Brad Mackenzie, second by Andrew Hopkins; motion passed
      4. Members must be a member (dues paid) for the current and prior year to be considered an Active 2018 Member; exception is new (never before) members who will only need to pay current year membership dues (or if joining in last quarter of year, current year end membership dues). If prior members are not current for the prior year dues, when they log in and pay the payment will be applied to the prior year dues first and an additional payment will be required to fulfill current year dues and achieve Active Member Status
    5. CE Committee – Dr. Mitch Crystal (see report)
      1. Active JVMS Membership required to attend JVMS CE programs (see Membership Committee  above)
      2. Next JVMS CE – 5/6/18: Hot Breakfast Buffett CE Meeting, topic Cardiology, Speaker John Bonagura, Sponsor Idexx
    6. FVMA- Dr. Rick Sutliff
      1. FVMA meeting prior week in Tampa was largest in FVMA history
      2. FVMA hopes to return to Jacksonville with a CE program in 2019
      3. FVMA lobbying and $ helped prevent recent civil and legislative cases from allowing rewarding S for Animal Pain/Suffering (maintains pets status as current / property); also assisting was Denise Grimsley who is running for Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services
      4. FVMA continues to work on organization / credentials for non-veterinary associates/team members
    7. Trust Fund – Dr. David Cromer
      1. Charles Schwab Trust Fund balance: $47,682.98; this was in treasurer’s report however investment balance has increased since treasurer’s report (reported $34,461.36, so true bank balance not $122,126.73 as reported above but rather $135,348.35)
    8. Awards – Dr. Rick Sutliff and Dr. Howard Acree – Absent (co-chairs):
      1. FVMA Gold Star awards: Tracy LaDue and Jennifer Lock
    9. Ethic / Peer Review Dr. Sutliff; nothing to report
    10. ACPS – Dr. Jay Erne (Absent)
      1. Dr. Brad Mackenzie relays information as nothing to report
    11. JHS – Dr. Stan Hill
      1. Nothing to report
  4. Old Business
    1. Updates on partnership with the Duval County Medical Society (DCMS) for mental health Counseling and suicide prevention and awareness – Dr. Erin Cann and Dr. Natalie Hashey
      1. Cost for JVMS to utilize service for any active JVMS member - $99/month; will be paid by JVMS
      2. JVMS will provide an active member list to DCMS to confirm who is allowed to use service (suggest early March of each year after membership dues payments have typically all been collected; new members that join during year will need to be updated)
      3. Members call in for free telephone conversation where private ID number is given to caller (allows DCMS to bill JVMS while maintaining ability to keep JVMS member anonymous); member will then be able to have one on one in person meeting with counselor. JVMS will pay for up to 6 sessions at $100 per session
      4. Dr. Erin Cann and Dr. Katie Green will oversee the service, including:
        1. Announcing and describing how JVMS members can use the service (via JVMS private Facebook page, blast email to active members, private member only area of JVMS www site, …)
        2. Deciding on how often to repeat information dissemination to members
        3. Monitoring needed changes over ti9me (how to use, budget, …)
      5. JVMS will cover all costs described above for this important and potentially lifesaving service
    2. Ideas to increase attendance at membership meetings - Discussed prior information and new ideas to help with increasing participation:
      1. Prior JVMS Involvement Task Force suggestions (mid 2015; Ed McKnight, Brad Mackenzie, Janine Bradberry, Britany Timberlake, Mitch Crystal, Howard Acree): reduce cost of business meeting dinners (find less expensive options and JVMS subsidize dinner costs – try to keep below $25-35; done); reduce from 6 to 4 business meetings per year (done); free meals for officers and key committee chairs (done); increase social and charity events (done); personal invitations to potential new members (new grads, new to area, etc.; not done)
      2. New ideas: change name from business meeting to something that sounds more inviting/exciting; keep meeting s short and combine with social events or novel locations (e.g., Zoo, Humane Society, Catty Shack, Top Golf, …); mixed feelings about allowing sponsorship (may be OK if business conducted before or after sponsors/guests arrive/leave); short formal CE at meetings (opposed by CE chair due to time, budget, lack of volunteers to execute, …); casual member led discussions (e.g., Journal Club, case presentations, …)

        Next meeting we will shoot for Zoo or Catty Shack; we will need further discussion and decisions on above

  5. New Business
    1.  Remaining 2018 Business Dinner Meeting Dates: 7/12/18 at Zoo or Catty Shack; 10/4/18 At Epping Forest
  6. Adjourn