Birch is Special, it just is. You need to see it to know it. Birch Island Veterinary Center is a 4 doctor privately owned practice started in 2018 in Duval/St. John’s County Florida, nestled between Jacksonville and St. Augustine and we are looking to expand again! It is known far and wide as one of the best medical and surgical/dental facilities around. We practice the highest quality of medicine, but at the same time are trusted in town as a place that will shoot straight and help find you the best solution for your clients. It was the dream child of Dr. Dee who has practiced in this area for almost 30 years. It is located in the third fastest growing county in the United States, so we are blessed by clients who let us practice the type of medicine you were taught and yearn to provide So on with nuts and bolts about what you really need/want to know: We have a large private surgical suite, ultrasound and echocardiology capability- with access to real time cardiologists and radiologists/internists in our procedure room, full in house lab capabilities including urinalysis, stat cytology, cortisol, cbc, chem, thyroid, clot times, bnp; you name it we have it! We have tonopen, microscope, full built in wall oxygen, isoflurane anesthesia, as well as portable machines. We offer multi-parameter patient monitoring, doppler blood pressure, and oxygen cages for those necessary cardiac patients. We have two very large feline and canine separate treatment areas with separate entrances to the surgical suite. We offer 8 wet and dry stations. We have a boarded surgeon who comes to our practice biweekly. Our radiographs are all read by board certified radiologists, and our owner is an ABVP diplomate and always loves to mentor new candidates! Birch boasts not one but two dental suites with dental radiography. Birch provides laser services as well. We are a close-knit family with a full-service hospital and although it sounds cliche we really are a team and work together so that we truly love and appreciate each other. We have 10 exam rooms, feline and canine designated sides to our hospital, and a very large resort and daycare as well which provides a lot of passive income as well for our doctors. Our 2 groomers are also second to none. We require no emergency, or on call work for a lovely work life balance!

Birch is a 12,000 sq foot stand alone facility. (Soon to be 20,000) that boasts all pet’s needs. We are open Monday through Fridays 7am-7pm, and Saturday from 9am-4pm. Our doctors have schedules that start as early as 8 am, or as late as 10 am depending on what your needs are (leaving at 4-7 pm again depending on your needs). A full-time position here looks like you want it to; either 3 or 4 days long or short with rotating Saturdays depending on your choice. We are very flexible. We also have three local emergency clinics and urgent care clinics that are available for our clients after hours so that at the end of your day you need not worry about your patients. We rarely ever must stay late, as we truly are a team and work to see that everyone gets home to their families. We have several sports and music fans in our office and always make sure they get to the game! In fact, our team has season tickets to our national football team, and we share those as well as memberships of the local zoo so that we all can go and have fun either together or with our home loved ones.

Our medical records are online software that makes it easy and fully integrates with our on-line pharmacy, radiographs, ultrasounds, and echo reports. Each doctor always has a team of at least 2 extremely talented technicians, and a third for surgical needs always, so that you can practice medicine the way you were trained. We are very flexible about appointment timing. We value most our ability to provide top notch client education, so we work with you to find what time you need to achieve that.

So, what’s so great about Duval/St. John’s County? Besides the great ocean and beach outside our doorsteps, we have the intercoastal for all your boating and water needs. St. John’s County is ranked an “A” school and consistently in the very top public-school systems in Florida. There are new homes and pet friendly apartments literally popping up around our clinic monthly. We need help to keep up! We have new clients joining us every single day and are truly blessed.

The nitty gritty: Our salaries are commensurate with experience, typically starting at 100,000-125,000 with very competitive commissions over base salary. Our newest graduate has never ever made less than base, even after month one. So, the potential here is great for someone motivated. Our doctors are a team. We share one large office and bounce ideas off each other all the time, so you are never alone. We love to learn, whether it be a technique, surgery, or medicine we have not tried. New graduates would absolutely be considered. Other benefits we offer are:

Generous CE allowance
Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance
401K with matching by hospital
VIN membership
Plumb’s membership
2 weeks PTO, although since we all work together it is often much more than that. We just work it out with each other to enjoy life!
Free pet daycare and boarding for doctors’ pets.
Holidays off (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, 4th of July, and Memorial Day)

Overall, we really are just a special place. We are a little funky (like we love to eat, and usually can find a charcuterie board around on any given day) and sometimes sarcastic, but always loving and nurturing to each other. I love the family that I have grown at Birch, and we protect her fiercely, but it’s time for us to grow again…. Stay tuned for our dog splash pad this spring…We hope you fit with us! Dee

DVM degree Full-time 3-4 days with rotating Saturdays. No on call or emergency call.

A willingness to want to work in a high quality cooperative environment with a bunch of funny, caring, like minded people.