JVMS Minutes – July 6th, 2017 Holiday Inn, Baymeadows

  1. Introduction of Guest: Bobby Rushing, DVM, DACVIM (Neurology), North Florida Neurology
  2. Approval of October 5th, 2017 Meeting Minutes: Approved (motion Mackenzie/Sutliff)
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Social / Charitable Outreach – Dr. Rebecca Williams (absent, no update/report); will table/get updates on recent events (Believe Foundation Rodeo and Terrarium Social) and planned activities for this 2018 at next meeting
    2. Treasurer Report – Dr. Craig Price (see report)
      1. Current asset summary: BBVA Compass Checking $49,492.91, CD Accounts (3 CD accounts, $6,027.19; $12,116.75; $7,361.79), Charles Swab Trust Fund $34,461.36 –– Total accounts = $109,460.00
      2. Largest expenses since last report meals and entertainment ($2,284.24 – mainly business meeting meal subsidies for officers/key committee chairs and meeting attendees), computer www site ($1,600 – www site hosting and maintenance/upkeep)
      3. Working on account consolidation and possible investment options for future discussion by membership
    3. Website / Social Media – Dr. Cindy Miller chair (absent), report by Dr. Mitch Crystal (committee member); www site continues to perform well with occasional hiccups; most issues are user related (forgotten passwords); will likely purchase secure www site certificate (SSL) for ~$100/3 years to make entire site protected (currently only financial areas are secure)
    4. Membership Committee – Dr. Cindy Miller (absent), report by Dr. Mitch Crystal (committee member)
      1. New Members: Active- Beth Ann Frost, Robert Spiegel, Kartik Sorathia, Kelly Kirk; Pending (still need to pay dues)- Emma Johnson, April Minkoff, Kyra Marsigliano, Jamie Cargill, Jeff Toll, Elisabeth D’Agosto
      2. New members approved (motion Sutliff/Mackenzie)
    5. CE Committee – Dr. Mitch Crystal (see report); next CE meeting = Dinner and Grand Rounds Wednesday evening 1/17/18, UF to present 3 hours on Mental Wellness / Compassion Fatigue; Next JVMS Sunday Morning Hot Breakfast CE meeting 2/18/18, re-do from Hurricane Irma cancellation, CEVA/Dermatology
    6. FVMA- Dr. Rick Sutliff
      1. Successful Gulf Coast Veterinary Conference 11/30/17-12/3/17, over 1,200 total guests (600-700 DVMS, remainder vendors, technicians/team members, guests, conference workers, etc.)
      2. Expect FVMS to release news / info soon on Veterinary Team Member Certifications
      3. Legislative days 1/17/18 & 1/18/18 – all are welcome and encouraged to attend; will address telemedicine, kiosk medicine, opioids, pet management during hurricanes, …
    7. Trust Fund – Dr. David Cromer (Absent); see treasurer’s report for balance
      1. History- brief history presented by Dr. Rick Sutliff & Dr. Crystal; most of our investment balances are residual from when JVMS DVMs performed spay/neuter for the humane society; a smaller accumulation is from dues and CE / other sponsorship
      2. Brief discussion about evaluating current CD and Trust Fund options (maturity, investment options, use of funds (e.g., funds for mental wellness counseling sessions for members, …; more discussion in future meetings
    8. Awards – Dr. Sutliff; nominations for several FVMA awards submitted by co-committee chair Dr. Howard Acree
    9. Ethic / Peer Review Dr. Sutliff; nothing to report
    10. ACPS – Dr. Jay Erne (Absent), nothing to report (verbal communication report from Dr. Erne to Dr. Brad Mackenzie)
    11. JHS – Dr. Stan Hill (Absent, no update/report)
  4. Old Business
    1. Decision to partner with the Duval County Medical Society (DCMS) for mental health Counseling and suicide prevention and awareness- Dr Erin Cann and Dr. Natalie Hashey
      1. Discussion with DCMS in progress – DCMS will finalize decision to allow JVMS to join DCMS as a single group member for $300 (or possibly may waive fee); free telephone calls for those in need (compassion fatigue, mental wellness, suicide prevention, …) with follow up reduced cost counseling sessions (6 at $100 each)
      2. Membership vote (motion)
      3. Executive board with help from Dr. Natalie Hashey will continue communication and information gathering from DCMS, and will outline a proposal for membership vote (to include how to use, costs/budget for JVMS and using member
        [general agreement for JVMS to cover costs of this important and potentially lifesaving service], initial and ongoing program announcement platform for JVMS members to remain informed about program, review of program for any changes that may be needed over time [announcing, budget, etc.])
      4. Vote- (motion Sutliff/Crystal) approval interest to move forward with intention to further define and execute program
  5. New Business
    1. Remaining 2018 Business Dinner Meeting Dates: 4/12/18; 7/12/18; 10/4/18
    2. Board of Directors Meeting – BOD will review all current committees and chairs/members and will adjust as appropriate
    3. Ideas to increase attendance at membership meetings
      1. Reviewed prior JVMS involvement task force (mid 2015; Ed McKnight, Brad Mackenzie, Janine Bradberry, Britany Timberlake, Mitch Crystal, Howard Acree) recommendations: reduce cost of business meeting dinners (find less expensive options and JVMS subsidize dinner costs – try to keep below $25-35; done); reduce from 6 to 4 business meetings per year (done); free meals for officers and key committee chairs (done); increase social and charity events (done); personal invitations to potential new members (new grads, new to area, etc.; not done)
      2. Social events combined with meetings (e.g., Top Golf)
      3. Location selection to include key locations (e.g., zoo; Alligator Farm, Humane Society, etc.)
      4. Member associated locations with catered dinners or themes (e.g., Dr. Craig Price offered outdoor venue at his hospital for BBQ; possibly a member home or community clubhouse and ice cream buffet social, etc.)
      5. Discussion about CE at business meetings; CE chair (Dr. Crystal) expressed strong opinion against this due to time and budget commitment
      6. Need to address whether isolated sponsorship for a business meeting/event combination is acceptable (past voting on sponsorship at business meetings has always been voted against)
      7. To be discussed further at future meetings
  6. Adjourn