JVMS Minutes – January 14th, 2016 Brio Tuscan Grill

  1. Introduction of Guests – no guests; 29 members in attendance
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Social Committee – SEVO
      [outgoing – Holiday Party] / Rebecca Williams:
      1. New dates for the Luau Party- lengthy discussion about options; Dr. Mackenzie suggested we utilize our current location / $ commitment (Sawgrass / ~ $2,000) towards our annual / elections meeting (October 2016) that we have typically had at Ortega Yacht Club; members were quite positive about the idea; Dr. LaDue will investigate additional costs for 50-80 attendees for a luau / BBQ type meeting - members families would be invited; she will work with Dr. Price in regards to budget and will present $/person costs and any other suggested JVMS commitment at next meeting
      2. New chairman of committee – Rebecca Williams reported her plan (and per the recommendation of the JVMS Participation task force) to plan several small to medium events rather than a single large event; some events will be for adults, some for members + family; an idea and suggestion form was distributed to attendees – Dr. Williams collected and will begin to make plans
      3. Other members serving on social committee – Britany Timberlake, Grant McMillian, Brooke Davis
    2. Treasurer Report – Craig Price: see printed report; all is well
    3. Website / Social Media Committee – (Cindy Miller not present) & Mitch Crystal: (also see report/handout) Dr. Crystal gave detailed report about the new JVMS www site just launched a few days prior; attendees complimented the site; some issues but this is expected as we embrace this large but needed change; Dr. Crystal requested suggestions for improvements and comments be sent to him and Dr. Miller; issues with the site should be addressed by completing the Support Form link on the site so the host (Kevin Morris, VSA Creative) can reach out and address them; budget for hosting, software updates, and work on the site will be $900-$2,200/year (options of $50/month + $50/hr of site work or $200/month to include 5 hours of site work, then $50/hr site work after that) – Dr. Crystal believes that once the initial kinks are worked out, the amount of work on the site by a fast/IT host may be small and thus plan 1 may be best; our host will help in defining our need
    4. Membership – (Cindy Miller not present) & Mitch Crystal:
      1. New members: Jessica Burgess, Clay County Humane Society (UF 2012); Jay Summitt, Relief Veterinarian (OSU 78); Joan Sylvester, Island Animal Hospital; Esra Weisheit, (Tufts 97)
      2. 2016 dues is due by January 1, 2016 - $75 – pay online at new www site
    5. CE Committee – Mitch Crystal:
      1. See report – next meeting is 2/21/16 Sunday Morning Hot Breakfast CE, Dr. James Meinkoth (presented for the JVMS a few years ago) will present hematology and cytology; RSVPs will now route through the JVMS www site
      2. Request about Banfield sponsorship - not discussed
    6. FVMA – Rick Sutliff: those needing Laws, Rules, and controlled drug CE for this license cycle can get that at the April FVMA meeting in Tamps or via the FVMA offered online course; FVMA has established 4 new associations: Credentialed Technicians, Non-Credentialed Technicians/Care Takers, Animal Handlers/Assistants, and Practice Managers – more about benefits, etc. to be developed and communicated; elections for several FVMA offices are open this year for those interested; Florida Legislation Days January 27-28
    7. Trust Fund – David Cromer: No change
    8. Awards – Rick Sutliff: In progress; Dr. Russell Snyder (not present) was awarded the FVMA Distinguished Service Award for 2015 for exceptional achievements and contributions by an FVMA member of ≥ 15 years towards the advancement of veterinary medicine and the profession
    9. Ethics/ Peer Review – Rick Sutliff (Howard Acree not present): nothing to report
    10. ACPS – Jay Erne (and Robin Chambers – not present): nothing to report
    11. JHS – report given by Dr. Stan Hill: Lauren Rockey no longer at JHS; JHS is seeking veterinarians
  3. Old Business
    1. Nominations for president elect: Dr. Stan Hill was nominated by Dr. Mitch Crystal, seconded by Dr. Rebecca Williams, unanimously elected
    2. The JVMS will support Dr. Rick Williams for his nomination for AVMA alternate delegate of the FVMA; Dr. Sutliff will help draft nomination / support letter for JVMS president Dr. Mackenzie to send to FVMA
    3. Outreach (also see report/handout for all of these):
      1. Toys for Wolfson Children’s Hospital – J - a nice success
      2. City Rescue Mission [Grant McMillian]: Dr. McMillian has been certified for heading groups to serve dinners, etc. at CRM; the JVMS is scheduled to sponsor/prepare/and serve dinner January 30, 2016 – need 12 people; motion (Dr. Crystal, Dr. Nash) passed for $600 for this project; Dr. McMillian reviewed the rules/risks/regulations; please RSVP to Dr. McMillian if you will attend – he will initially hold places for JVMS members, if not enough, will open to team members and families of members
      3. Healthcare for Pets of the Homeless [Natalie Hashey, Craig Price, Kevin Drygas] first event will take place 2/6/16 9am-12pm; limited service permit / clinic license has been approved/acquired; veterinarians who volunteer must bring a copy of their FL DVM license and it is requested they RSVP to the committee; MWI has donated vaccines and strongid; Royal Canin has donated canine food; food and beverages to be provided for pets & owners (Chick Filet, Publix); name of volunteer group (Jax Forgotten Loved Pets), logo (see handout), and T-shirts developed; members expressed that the JVMS logo should be large and clearly visible, the event should be highlighted on the JVMS www site, and that PR to promote event and JVMS and JVMS www site should be arranged – Dr. Mackenzie has contacts and will assist with media PR
  4. Approval of November meeting minutes – Dr. Sutliff / Dr. Crystal
  5. University of Florida – not present
  6. New Business
    1. Next 2016 JVMS meetings: Thursday April 14, Thursday July 14, Thursday October 6
      1. Locations – in progress (see above [2ai, social committee] about possible October Sawgrass location
  7. Adjourn