The meeting was held at Max’s restaurant out in Jacksonville Beach.

Committee reports:

Still no working website as of date.  We all would like to see this up and running asap.

Continuing Education:

March 9th.  Pharmacy requirement offered plus Dr. Demiduk from Hills on Nutrition.

June 8th.  Dr. William Schoenborn will give another refresher on radiograph and ultrasound interpretation.

Sept 14th.  Dr. Miller will give a Dermatology review- 6 hours


Dr. Acree needs recommendations by March 9th

--Dr. Niessan brought with her Mr. Fred Forbes and Mr. Ebenezer Gujjarlapudi.  Mr. Gujjarlapudi works with AC&C and Direct Human Resource Dept.  He recapped federal and state issues with site development for the new facility.  The city had to spend $130 million on environmental cleanup before breaking ground.  The city is currently licensing 60k pets annually.  There is a 7 day hold required before euthanasia.  About 100 pets arrive each day.  They are considering changing the license fee to 16 per all pets with 3.00 vet compensation.  The city uses Chameleon data base.  There are basically 9 software companies the veterinarians are using.  Discussions regarding the best method of data transfer were discussed.  The city suggested our staff enter the data manually into a copy of their software provided to all of us.  Some expressed their concern over the clinic’s man power and cost associated with this idea and recommended a bridge program be developed instead.

--The vet tech program has been temporarily put on hold with FCCJ due to budget issues, but they hope to rekindle it soon.

--Dr. Hoffman announced that she is seeing patients at Scott Mill AH two days a month.

--Dr. Gopal asked who was behind the vaccine clinics in front of Wallgreens on Casset Ave.

--An announcement was made to invite veterinarians to meet with the Peterson Academy of Technology Jan 29th regarding high school animal related course proposals.

--Dr. Snyder informed us that Mrs. Nicolleti is still going through cancer treatment and requested a card be sent on the JVMS’s behalf.  Dr. Kinard passed away. His funeral was Jan 15th.