JVMS Minutes – January 19th, 2017  Maggianos

  1. Introduction of Guest - None Noted
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Social / Charitable Outreach  - Rebecca Williams
      1. Update on Wolfson’s Toy Drive – Thank you for all of the toys, Scrub Drive – went well for City Rescue Mission, Discussion about Wolfon’s needing Dog’s for a pet Therapy Program
      2. Upcoming events - Painting Party and Candy Cane Class, January 29th Blue Bamboo cooking class with master Chef Dennis Open to veterinarians.  Spouses can go, but will not be covered by sponsor – they will cost $65.  Sponsor is MWI.  20 spots available,  Kayak event, mystery room
      3. Facebook Presence – We are in need of a JVMS member to become an active part of the Social Committee to help us run our Facebook page.  It would include Accepting “Friend Requests” , posting pictures, news, information, and updating the site as needed.  We have already created the site, but have found that with our other responsibilities it is hard to keep it going.  Please contact Dr. Williams, Dr. Timberlake, or Dr. Crystal
    2. Treasurer Report – Dr. Craig Price Please pay dues either by mail in or online (preferred)
    3. Website / Social Media – Dr. Cindy Miller
      1. Please login to website to be sure you are good to go with your access; if you have issues, click on the link (available at the top of each page) that reads “JVMS members having trouble with log in click here”.
      2. Let all veterinarians in your practice or others members that you know to confirm to go on and www site access.
    4. Membership Committee - Dr. Cindy Miller
      1. 240 active / up to date members, 70 members owe for 2017, 248 pending members (past due on dues for >1year)
    5. CE Committee – Dr. Mitch Crystal
      1. See CE Committee Report – please RSVP on time (through website)
      2. All JVMS CE meetings require RSVP via our www site. Please be sure you are up to date on dues and can login and access the site so you can RSVP.
    6. FVMA- Dr. Rick Sutliff (not present)
    7. Trust Fund – Dr. David Cromer
    8. Awards – Dr. Sutliff (not present)
    9. Ethic / Peer Review Dr. Sutliff (not present)
    10. ACPS – Dr. Erne
    11. JHS – Dr. Hill
  3. Old Business
    1. Jax Forgotten Loved Pets  - We still have 65 vaccines left if we can come up with 2 people to get it going Dr. Hashey said she would help guide them.  Salvation Army is looking to host it again.  Would need to vote.
      1. Blythe to follow up with Mitch regarding use of these vaccines in other areasApproval of January meeting Minutes
  4. New Business
    1. 2017 JVMS business meeting dates (Thursdays) :4/6/17, 7/6/17, 10/5/17
    2. President Elect nominations was Erin Cann, DVM Royal Canin (previously Erin Hatcher prior JVMS secretary when Grant McMillian was president) Motion was made by Dr. Crystal and was seconded by Dr. Timberlake motion passed
    3. Items form Attendees - None
  5. Adjourn