JVMS Business Meeting January 3, 2013

      I. Meeting called to order - Dr. Tim Holloway
II. Introduction of guests/new member - Dr. Cindy Miller
Dr. Adrienne Atkins: Jacksonville Zoo
Dr. Sheila Norstrud: 4 Paws Pet Clinic
Dr. Jason Arbo: 4 Paws Pet Clinic
Dr. Jennifer Green: First Coast No More Homeless Pets
Dr. Erin McNally
Dr. Hillary Hickam: Pet Doctors of America
Dr. Cesar Mena: Vet Mobile Services
III. Acceptance of November minutes – Dr. Tiffany Mosley
IV. Treasure’s Report – Dr. Cassy Beaudoin (absent); reports made available
V. Committee Reports
A. FVMA committee – Dr. Rick Sutliff
1. FL Board meeting topics covered
2. New building has been acquired; Go to FVMA.org for further
B. Trust fund committee – Dr. Cromer: nothing new to report
C. Holiday Party committee – Dr. Hardie
1. Mardi Gras Party on 2/9/13 at University Club
C. CE committee – Dr. Crystal (absent); Dr. Miller
1. Date:       Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Topic:          Management of Heart Failure in Dogs
Sponsor:      North Florida Veterinary Specialists
Presenter:     Clarke Atkins, DVM, DACVIM
Event:            Dinner and 2 hour CE program
Time:  6:30 pm Reception; 7:00 - 9:00 pm Dinner and
2.  Date:                    Sunday March 17th, 2012
Topic:                   Feline Medicine
Sponsors:            Boehringer Ingelheim
Presenters:          Gary Norsworthy DVM, DACVP
Event:                   Breakfast & ± 4 hour CE program
Location:              Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront
Time:                     7:30am breakfast, 8:00am program begins
E. Website committee – Dr. Miller/Dr. Silverness: N/A
F. Membership committee – Dr. Miller: currently over 250 members
G. University of Florida update - Dr. Paul Nicoletti & Dr. Carlos Risco
H. Awards/Peer review committee – Dr. Sutliff/Dr. Acree
1. Nominations for FVMA awards due
I. ACPS liaison committee – Dr. Erne: N/A
J. Sanford Brown update – Dr. Gosche (Absent)
K. JHS update – Dr. Broadhurst (Absent)
VI. New Business
A. PayPal payments for annual dues, business meeting dinners, CE events, etc.There were many questions posed that were unable to be answered since Dr. Beaudoin was absent.  Decision made to table the discussion until next meeting to see if we can come to a consensus after the questions are answered.*
B. Annual dues have now been increased to $55
C. Business Meeting Dinners have been increased to $40
D. New Venue for the time being will be the River Club. If there are any questions or concerns in regards to the venue, please contact Dr. Tiffany Mosley at
                        E. Concerns over Sanford Brown and the accreditation status
IX. Meeting adjourned
Dr. Tiffany Mosley, Secretary

Pay Pal costs are as follows:  2.9%+$0.30 per transaction.  For the $55 dues, the fee we would pay would come to $1.90.  We would be able to accept Pay Pal and credit cards on our website and send out invoices.  Pay Pal Payments Standard has no monthly fee.  Here is a link to more detailed information:  https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/merchant-fees
Dr. Cindy Miller, Website Committee Co-chair and Membership Committee Chairman

Dr. Tiffany Mosley