Minutes 1/5/12 JVMS
Call to order
Intro of new members- Michelle Clements, Elizabeth Armstrong, Lynda Thabes

Acceptance of November minutes-accepted

Committee Reports:
Dr Cromer-no news from the Trust Fund or Auditing Committee
Dr Sutliff- FVMA report, Legislative days and trip to Tallahassee if planned for Jan 17-18th, also trying to fight 2 laws- one where may be required to write an RX for every drug and another law where equine teams are trying to bring in their own vets from out of the country to practice in the state of FL without aFL license. Don’t forget to pay your FVMA DUES, in need of support
Dr Crystal- CE update, there will be a cardiology, soft tissue sarcoma, and drug licensing meetings coming up in the future and in March there will  be another Grand Rounds
Dr Hardie- thank you to all for a successful holiday party; will send an email to vote for next year’s date for a holiday party, dec 8, 15th, or Feb, 9th
Dr Miller-Website committee update- we have put a rabies alert and what to do on our website Membership committee- successful responses received by sending out an email to join/renew
Dr Nicoletti- not able to be present, so no UF update
Dr Snyder- UF emergency fund-no student has ever NOT repaid these loans- previous scholarship fund no longer there
Jan 16th NAVC UF Dean's Circle of Excellence luncheon in Orlando
Dr Sutliff-Awards and Peer review committee update- please nominate your peers
No new update on ACPS liaison committee
Sanford Brown - no longer Dr Jacoby, Dr MacMillan met with humane society as well as the new SBI medical director and he wants to join JVMS

New business:
Jan 3rd Jax Humane Society opened a full service veterinary clinic and Dr MacMillan went to meet with office manager. He found that there are open mostly, during normal clinic hours with 3 vets on staff, perhaps we can invite the vets to the next meeting?
Dr Ladue- 4 clinical trials are going on….currently for Feline sarcomas, please call SEVO for information: Free Palladia for radiation for dogs nasal tumors, OSA free Palladia for just dog osa amputation patients, Fully funded soft tissue melanoma/sarcoma= novel bacterial agent with no other therapy
Thank you from Dr LaDue personally for the support from everyone during her personal illness.
Patti Snyder DVM- does Pet meals on wheels Please contact Dr Snyder to volunteer- discussion of possibly forming a charity committee-Dr Snyder can do it but wants help, pets for the homeless owners/low income people
Dr Heidi Chupp- asked for help or advice on dealing with Pampered Paws selling extremely sick puppies that have giardia, coccidia, hypoglycemia…asking for advice or help on how to deal with these, please report this to the state

Adjourn the meeting

Dr. Erin Hatcher