JacksonvilleVeterinary Medical Society

January 6, 2011 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at Bahama Breeze in Jacksonville, FL.

I.                  The meeting was called to order by Dr. Jay Erne and an agenda was distributed.

II.                The minutes from the November business meeting were accepted and it was noted that the minutes were available on the JVMS website.

III.             GUESTS

1.      Meredith Swart—Meredith is a fourth year veterinary student at the University of Florida.  She is graduating in May and is looking for an associate position in the area.  Dr. Snyder highly recommends her.  She can be reached at the following email address:  meredithswart@ufl.edu

IV.             NEW MEMBERS

Dr. Chris Erdman – Kings Trail Animal Hospital (present at meeting)

Dr. Erin Emmans – Atlantic Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Herb Loeman – Atlantic Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Lavonne Congdon – Atlantic Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Ayo Akande – Bartram Park Animal Hospital

Dr. Tim Holloway – Southside Animal Clinic

Dr. Stephanie Holloway – Clay County Humane Society

Dr. Julie-Anne Corda – First Coast No More Homeless Pets

Dr. Ann Osborne – Banfield Pet Hospital Palm Coast

Dr. Carlos Aragon – Affiliated Veterinary Specialists-Orange Park

Dr. John Glidewell – St. Augustine Regional Veterinary Emergency Center

Dr. Peter Veling – Palencia Animal Clinic

Dr. Jonathan Shivers

V.                COMMITTEE REPORTS

1.      Treasurer’s Report: Dr. Heidi Chupp (not present at the meeting)

i.      A balance sheet was distributed with the agenda.

ii.      An updated paid dues list has been sent out via email and has been posted together with an updated member address list on the JVMS website.  Members were asked to check the list to make sure their information is correct.

iii.      2011 JVMS dues of $50 should be remitted to Dr. Heidi Chupp.

2.      Secretary:  Dr. Laura Kelsey

i.      Thank you to the following people who contributed to the Christmas service project:

Dr. Mark Frost

Dr. Jay Erne

Southeast Veterinary Oncology

Dr. Lee Hinrichs

Dr. Laura Kelsey

Ken and Mary Kelsey

3.      FVMA Update:  given by Dr. Rick Sutliff

i.      On the national front, the Red Flag rules no longer apply to any medical facilities.

ii.      The merger of FVMA with Equine Practitioners of Florida is expected to be complete next month and will give us a more unified voice when speaking to the Florida legislature.

iii.      The FVMA has a new website—www.FVMA.org.  All FVMA members will be receiving an email in the next month on how to access restricted areas of the site.  The new site has many interactive things for clients and FVMA members.  Please use the site and recommend it to other vets.

iv.      For the third year in a row, there is a proposed bill to outlaw sexual activity in animals.  The veterinary community continues to support this bill at the state level.

v.      Please note that a Health Care Clinical Establishment Permit is required if you order drugs in your corporate name.  The permit is renewed every 2 years.  A permit is not required if you order drugs in your personal name (which can then be legally shared with your associates).

4.      PEER REVIEW COMMITTEE:  no updates


i.      Some recommendations have been made by the committee for awards to the FVMA.

6.      CE COMMITTEE:  Dr. Mitch Crystal

i.      Upcoming CE Meeting:

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Dr. Byron Blagburn


i.      The holiday party, held at Club Continental, was a big success with about 75 members and their guests attending!  Thank you

Tracy and Chris Webber for all of your hard work with organizing

the party.

              ii.      Any suggestions for the next holiday party should be directed to Dr. Nicole Hardie or Dr. Steve HartQuestionnaires were passed out at the meeting to get ideas for this year’s holiday party.

8.      WEBSITE COMMITTEE:  Dr. Cindy Miller

i.      There is a calendar on the website that includes CE meetings including those for specialists so we will know when they may be out of town.

ii.      There is an updated member and dues paid list on the site.  Please check the accuracy of these lists.

iii.      There are now Message/Discussion Boards on the site.  Please make use of these!  If you have any questions on how to use them, please email Cindy.


i.      The Dean’s Circle of Excellence Pin Ceremony and Luncheon will be held on January 17, 2011 from 12 to 2 pm.  We need a JVMS representative to attend the ceremony.

1.      Dr. Rick Sutliff has volunteered to attend.



i.      The AVMA accreditation interview is February 23-25.  There should be an answer in March.

ii.      There are currently 71 students at the school.  The first class is set to graduate in September.

iii.      The first class of 15 students will begin their preceptorships in June.  This is the last module prior to graduation and all students are required to spend a minimum of 120 hours at an affiliate practice.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate to allow preceptors to spend time at your facility, please contact Dr. Jacoby.

iv.      Applications are currently being taken for a full time CVT instructor and a part-time DVM instructor.

v.      A public member of the Animal Care and Use Committee is still needed for the site visit in February (a 3 day commitment).  If you know of anyone (a non-veterinarian) who may be interested in this position, please have them contact Dr. Jacoby.

12.  ZOO

i.      There was recently a baby giraffe born!

ii.      We are looking into holding a JVMS spring party at the zoo.

VI.             CURRENT EVENTS

1.      PR Campaign

i.      It was decided at the last meeting not to use JVMS funds for a campaign at this time

ii.      Thanks to Dr. Ann Silverness for all her hard work

2.      News Station

i.      The Fox affiliate has contacted JVMS and is interested in interviewing vets on specific topics for segments that would air during prime time news.  They may plug JVMS and it may be a good way to get our name out there.  However, it is a very costly prospect and may be cost prohibitive.

3.      City Animal Ordinance Update

i.      The City Animal Ordinance was passed by the city council signed into law by Mayor Peyton on December 17th.  See Attached for laws regarding community cats & pet licensing. We need a representative to meet with Scott Trebatoski to determine what exactly will be required of us in regards to licensing & fees.  Information & tags will be sent out by the ACPS to all veterinarians.

ii.      There was an article about the new ordinance in the Times Union.

iii.      Several JVMS members went to an ad hoc meeting with city council prior to the vote.  The meeting was very poorly attended by city council members.  Drs. Acree and Gordon made comments regarding new licensing fees that we are now required to charge clients.  Unfortunately nothing changed based on our recommendations

iv.      Highlights of the new ordinance

1.      We will now be required to collect City Licenses fees and mail them to the city.  The license fee is $20.  $3 of this used to go to veterinarians for an administrative fee, but this is no longer the case.  We are allowed to charge an additional $2 surcharge, but this must be invoiced on a separate line.

2.      We are required to sell a one year license with every vaccine.  We are not required to sell the license on years two and three if a three year vaccine is given.  However, currently the pet owner is required to buy a city license yearly.  The city is looking into possibilities for 3 year licenses.

3.      These new laws also apply to mobile weekend vaccine clinics.

Note:  According to Scott Trebatoski, Animal Control Officers will be working one weekend a month to enforce the mandatory license law at mobile vaccine clinics.  He will also be sending letters to the stores where the vaccine clinics take place to inform them about the need for compliance.

4.      The city has been working with Herschel Animal Clinic to assure that the computer they were planning to purchase (with their own funds) was compatible and loaded with the appropriate software so that once ACPS begins accepting electronic rabies certificate information they would be able to take advantage due to the large volume of rabies vaccinations (estimated at 65,000/yr).

5.      If the clients are unable or unwilling to purchase a license at the time of vaccination, they only have 5 days to purchase it from the tax collector or ACPS before facing a $25 fine for being late (that fine is applied from day 6 through day 45).  On day 46 after vaccination the client will be cited for "failure to license" under the ordinance – the fine is $250 for the first animal, $400 for the second, and $500 for each additional unlicensed pet.  ACPS does not require the clinics to enforce late fees on clients; that can be done administratively at ACPS.

6.      Enforcement of the license provision on non-compliant clinics/veterinarians will likely begin in March or April giving everyone time to come into compliance.  ACPS has already issued a citation to one mobile/limited service provider for failing to offer the license & they continue to monitor any reports of non-compliance.

7.      Senior citizens and persons with disabilities are exempt from the licensing fee for up to three pets per year and must provide a photo ID.

8.      We are not required to file a report if vaccines are refused.

9.       ACPS has been actively enforcing the new requirement that everyone is required to have a health certificate if they sell or give away an unsterilized animal in Jacksonville.  Several flea market sellers have abandoned their booths and many regular roadside sellers have stopped selling due to the fines of $250 per animal.

v.      See Attached for highlights on the new ordinance and a series of questions posed by Dr. Ed McKnight regarding the new laws.

vi.      Email Scott Trebatoski with any questions, he is good about replying.

4.      Health Care Clinic Establishments (HCCE) Permit

i.      Permit renewals were due December 31, 2010.  See attached information provided by the FVMA.

5.      Red Flag Rules

i.      The rule, dealing with identity theft protection, has been dismissed from the health care field with the unanimously-passed U.S. House and Senate.  Veterinarians DO NOT have to implement any Red Flag Rule in their practices.

6.      Service project:  Dr. Laura Kelsey

i.      The JVMS sponsored 3 families for Christmas.  Each family received approximately $300 worth of gifts and gift certificates.  We can continue to donate toys, clothing, and other baby items to these families.  Please contact Dr. Jay Erne or Dr. Laura Kelsey if you’re interested in making a donation.

ii.      Dr. Cindy Miller has the idea of setting up veterinary care for homeless pets in conjunction with another program that provides medical care for homeless people in Jacksonville.  This program would be designed for people who would otherwise receive no care for their pets.  Please contact her if you are interested in helping evelop this type of program.

7.      Membership for non-veterinarians in the JVMS. 

i.      Several practice managers have recently shown an interest in joining our society.  By-laws currently state that only veterinarians are eligible for membership.  Should we allow practice managers to become members of the JVMS or should we develop an associate-level membership for non-veterinarians?

ii.      Dr. Snyder spoke in opposition of having non-vets as members of the association.  He feels that we now have an open group and that we may discuss things in meetings that should be kept confidential.  There is a concern that non-veterinary members may not follow the same code of ethics as veterinarians.  He feels that this has been a problem in the past and would likely be so again in the future.

iii.      It was brought up that there is currently a practice management group that meets in Jacksonville and that the needs of interested practice managers may be better met with this group.

iv.      Dr. Daniel Jacoby was asked for his opinion regarding potentially allowing certified technicians into the JVMS and he feels that there should be a separate professional organization for technicians.

v.      The idea of having joint CE meetings with technicians and/or practice managers was proposed.

vi.      Most professional organizations will set up auxiliary groups if others want to be involved, but often those are unsuccessful due to lack of interest.

vii.      Dr. Rick Sutliff made a motion to look into sponsoring a CE program for technicians.  The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

1.      Dr. Mitch Crystal raised several issues, including funding, interest, sponsorship, location and current availability of other CE opportunities in the area for technicians.

2.      Other thoughts were that there will be an increase in the number of certified technicians in the area due to the new program at Sanford Brown and that these technicians will require CE to maintain their certification.  More local opportunities for this would be convenient and cost effective for them.

8.      Update on Rebecca Williams’ daughter and Dr. Everett Moore’s wife

a.       Dr. William’s six year old daughter Victoria had surgery to remove a brain tumor before Christmas.  The tumor was a malignant medulloblastoma.  She underwent a second surgery 10 days ago to remove more of the tumor.  She now faces 18 months of radiation and chemotherapy.  She looks good and is fairly strong.  There is reportedly a 70% chance that treatment will be successful.  She is now recovering at home.

b.      Dr. Moore’s wife has been ill and is still on a ventilator, but is doing a bit better now.

Note:  Sandra Moore passed away February 1, 2011.  The JVMS will be sending a donation to the Mayo Clinic in her memory.

9.       In Memoriam:  Dr. Steven Covert passed away on October 10, 2010.  He was a 1986 graduate of the University of Florida and previous owner of Creekside Animal Hospital in Orange Park.

10.  Any other business/concerns/issues

a.       Dr Acree has a friend running for City Council in district 5.  His name is Steve Myers and he is a supporter of veterinarians.  Call Dr. Acree with any questions.

b.      The March JVMS Meeting will be held at the University Club in downtown Jacksonville.

11.  Meeting Adjournment





1.      All dogs, cats, and ferrets 4 months of age or older must be vaccinated by a veterinarian against rabies and maintain registration with the veterinarian

2.      A “Failure to License” citation will be issued 45 or more business days after vaccination or immediately with no proof of vaccination.

3.      For multi-year rabies vaccines, renewals shall be good from day & month of original vaccination expiring annually UNLESS the City implements a multi-year tag which will be valid through the duration of the vaccine.

4.      Copies of rabies certificates, records of license numbers, & remittance of funds need to be made within 30 DAYS of vaccination.

5.       If a client declines the license, then “REFUSED” needs to be written on the rabies certificate where the license number is written

6.      LICENSE FEE is $20 with $5 going to the spay/neuter fund.  A $2.00 surcharge can be added for administrative costs, BUT THIS MUST BE INVOICED ON A SEPARATE LINE.

7.      Failure to sell a license will result in a weekly fine.

8.      Pet owners who are 62 years of age and older or totally disabled are allowed 3 free licenses, but must provide photo identification with proof of age.

9.      Microchipping is not mandatory; however microchipping will be required of all animals sold or adopted by 2013.



1.      Managed community cat colonies/groups must be maintained on private property of the caregiver OR with permission of another landowner

2.      A community cat caregiver certification program MAY be developed

3.      All community cats must be sterilized, vaccinated against rabies, & ear tipped (left ear).  These cats will be exempt from licensing provisions.



1.      Animals must be tethered in 2 locations when riding in an open truck or other open vehicle

2.      Continuous barking, meowing, or other noises for 30 minutes will be subject to a fine.

3.      Leashes or tethers longer than 8 feet is considered failure to exercise physical control




Questions for ACPS Regarding Animal ordinance implementation

  1. If the client declines vaccination, what does the city expect?  Whatever you would normally do with a declined vaccination
  2. If the client declines city license. What does the city expect?  On the rabies certificate they should note "DECLINED" in the section for the license number
  3. What elements required for statement that the client signs to decline vaccination and / or city license?  There is no statement required simply note the "declined"
  4. What is the fine amount for the client?  Fine is $250 for 1st offense, $400 for the 2nd and $500 for all subsequent violations
  5. What is the time frame until client is issued a citation?  The client will be given 45 days to get license before a citation is issued but if they do not get the license at the time of vaccination they will have to pay a $25 late fee making the license $45
  6. What if the animal will never be well enough to vaccinate?  The exemption letter is good for up to one year and a new letter would have to be issued each year.
  7. Is there specific wording / elements / format for when the client declines vaccines and / or license?  We have simplified it to be simply noted as "DECLINED" on the rabies certificate
  8. What does city want us to provide to clients that want to file for the city license via mail or in person?
    1. Specific form / format
    2. Envelopes, old ones?  New ones?  Same address, new address
    3. Instructions for clients that file for city license themselves.
  9. For Senior citizens and disabled folks, what documentation do we need to verify and is simple affidavit sufficient?   We need auditable proof - photo id or something along those lines if an affidavit is to be used it would have to be notarized to be valid
  10. If they are unable to provide proof, i.e. disabled, decline the exemption?  If there is any question on the exemption have them pay for the license and we will refund the money if they prove the exemption to us
  11. How does ACPS want us to send them the certificates, forms, money we collect?   We should be providing postage-paid envelopes for monthly submission
  12. Is there a new Summary Form for the end of the month Rabies tabulations?  Yes - Tony should hopefully have gotten to all clinics by Friday
  13. Is there any leniency for the veterinarians for the first month as we work through these expectations?  Yes - our intention is to work with clinics and veterinarians trying to comply



Statement of Medical Exemption from Vaccination against Rabies


I have examined , owned by < owner’s name and address > on <today’s date="">.  I believe it is not in the best medical interest of the animal to be vaccinated against Rabies.


This condition is expected to last for the following amount of time:

(Check box) 30 days:  There must be an examination within this time period to determine if the condition will persist.  If there is no examination, it is understood that this exception is canceled.

(Check box) 60 days: There must be an examination within this time period to determine if the condition will persist.  If there is no examination, it is understood that this exception is canceled.

(Check box) 6 months:  There must be an examination within this time period to determine if the condition will persist.  If there is no examination, it is understood that this exception is canceled.

(Check box)  Remainder of the life of the animal:  Medical diagnosis:__________________________


I have documentation to support this statement.

Dr. Signature

Dr. Laura Kelsey