Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society

Minutes January 7, 2009

Motion to accept minutes: accepted

Dr. Steven Fox lectures on pain management sponsored by AVS of Orange Park

Jan 8, 15, 22, 29, Feb 5 7am -8am, different sites, not sure of CE credit for lectures

Also available to do lunch meeting at private practice to review analgesia protocols

Copies of notes from lectures will be available if you are unable to make the lectures

If JVMS sponsors lectures we have our own Academy which would enable the lectures to have CE credits.

AVS grand rounds next Wed, Jan 13 at Orange Park

Committee Reports

Holiday Party:

Over 70 people attended there was a great deal of fun and the vendors were wonderful!

CE report: nothing

ACC/Humane society/FCNMHP: Dr Ed McKnight

Committee meeting at FCNMHP facility

90 surgeries/day currently being performed with a goal is 220/day

Their services outreach to surrounding counties

They currently have four full time veterinarians

They use spay-jax money and compete with local practitioners

There is strict accountability for spay-jax money of 150,000

They must account for all money that comes into the budget

Their wellness clinics in the afternoons are to help with revenue sourcing but could go away if other revenue source is developed

Effect on local practitioners is unknown

It is a full scale licensed facility, no radiographs available

Non profit 5013? Not sure specifically

JVMS helped to start their organization through spay-jax, 12 practices started

Follow up care/ pain management/emergency care: it is unclear how these are managed

Quality of care at their facility: this has been a concern for some but seems adequate to the committee

One person visited and thought conditions were acceptable

Dr McKnight thought facility was acceptable

No profit motivation

Standard of care was brought up, unclear if they have the same standard of care of a private practice

We can’t stop it 

Ethics Peer Review:

Nothing to review

Treasurer Report:Dr. Cromer

Just under $19,000 in checking account

Dr Miller out sick today

Website committee : password protected, advertisement page

Password: POPE

By Laws: no changes Dr Snyder

Awards: Dr. Sutliff, Dr. Acree

Call them directly for nominations

Each award has different requirements

Nominations due Jan 31

FVMA report:

Annual conference Tampa April 8-11

Then Orlando, then Tampa

Horns of Dilemma Jan 31 in Orlando (Sunday)

Legislatively: two bills actively support, but quiet year

South Florida certain group of people having sexual relations with animals will be some legislation to make this illegal

Uniform shelter bill set standards to report to dept of agriculture

Standards of reporting: how many animals taken in, number of surgeries

Bills: opposing sale of dog and cats require potential owners  notification of genetic problems 300+

Remove sales tax exemptions due to state under financial pinch

HCC permits are here to stay, get it

Change of lobbyists in Tallahassee

FVMA dues due, encouraged to pay CCE

Thank you to JVMS for supporting him in election process

Rewriting practice act: not current issue

Legal for referring DVM taking responsibility for acupuncture, physical therapy and other modalities

Discussions concerning nonprofit organizations competing with private businesses

Pursuing DPR to come out to vaccination clinics, permits obtained? Problem is DPR employees work M-F and vax clinics on weekends

DPR inspecting clinics locally, no expired drugs on shelf!

Every hospital will be inspected every 2yrs

They can close your door! Be careful

FVMA sent out check list for inspections

Controlled substance logs and expired medications are two things to pay attention to for this inspection.