JVMS Business Meeting Minutes – January 8th, 2015

I.                     Meeting called to order by Dr. Britany Timberlake Secretary

II.                  Introduction of New members and guests – Dr. Cindy Miller

Drs. Jennell Appel, Vanessa Richards, Isabelle Roese, Kristen Bonner, Jennifer Green, Fallin Takacs and Suzanne Thomas

III.                Acceptance of meeting minutes from November meeting – Dr. Britany Timberlake

IV.                Treasurer’s Report – Dr. Cindy Miller:  Annual dues for 2015 are due, can be paid via check or JVMS website;  $100 donations made to FVMA Foundation in memory of Dr. Rose Threatte, Dr. Scott Morley, and Dr. John Plant (who passed on January 1st)

V.                  Committee Reports

a.       FVMA – Dr. Rick Sutliff:  1.  Looking for Volunteers for the FVMA CE committee; 2.  FVMA legislative days March 11-12 in Tallahassee

b.      UF looking to get grant for mobile surgery unit for Gilcrest, Levy, Putnam, Bradford counties to do spay / neuter for persons of low income

c.       Trust Fund – Dr. David Cromer:  $34,461 in Trust Fund

d.      Holiday party:  SEVO + Med:  Great Gatsby Gala – 1920’s attire 1/17/15 7p-11p at the River Club Suite 3500; RSVP by 1/9/15 to Gena Fitzgerald at 2783870

e.      CE committee – see attached handout

f.        Website / social media committee – Dr. Cindy Miller: finished interviewing host companies and will be deciding on a group soon

g.       Membership committee – Dr. Mitch Crystal / Dr. Cindy Miller:  >300 members doing well; Thinking about making it mandatory that you be a member  for the previous year especially  for the bigger meetings like the FL drug rules coming up

h.      Awards Committee – Dr. Rick Sutliff:  Submitted names for the FVMA Awards, Dr. Sutliff is on the ballot for FVMA president elect; Dr. Snyder has retired and is no longer going to be a member for JVMS – discussed making him an honorary member

i.        Ethics/Peer review committee – No report

j.        ACPS Liaison Committee – not present

k.       JHS update – Not present

l.        University of Florida Update – Dr. Snyder has retired

VI.                 Old Business

a.       Still looking for a person to fill the treasurer position

b.      Enhancing JVMS membership participation:  Starting a Business Meeting attendance task force = Dr.McKnight, Dr. Acree, Dr. Timberlake, Dr. Crystal, Dr. Bradberry will come up with some solid ideas / plans and present at next meeting to be voted on.

VII.               New Business

a.       Dr. John Plant of Hershel Animal died January 1, 2015

b.      Candidate for JVMS president elect: Dr. Brad McKenzie of AVS – passed

c.       Motion passed to make Dr. Snyder an honorary member

d.      Open forum – Nothing new

VIII.             Meeting adjourned

Dr. Britany Timberlake