JVMS Business Meeting Agenda January 9th, 2014
I. Meeting called to order - Dr. James Mosley
II. Introduction of guests/new member - Dr. Cindy Miller
HI. Acceptance of September minutes - Dr. Tiffany Mosley
IV. Treasure's Report - Dr. Cassy Beaudoin
V. Committee Reports
A, FVMA - Dr. Rick Sutliff
B. Trust Fxmd committee - Dr. David Cromer
C Holiday Party committee - SEVO+
D. C.E. committee - Dr. Mitch Crystal
Date: Sunday March-ish 2014
Topic: TBD
Sponsors: Elanco
Presenters: TBD
Event: Breakfast & 4 or 5 hour Florida/Georgia approved CE program
Location: Likely Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront
Time: 7:30am breakfast, 8100am program begins
Notes; RSVP to mitch@nfs^s.com by 3 days prior to meeting; free to JVMS members, $55 to
Date: Wednesday April 9,2014
Topic: Grand Rounds — Clinical Cases and/or guest speaker
Sponsors: TBD & The Veterinary Specialty Group
Presenters: Doctors from North Florida Veterinary Specialists, Animal Eye Clinics of North
Florida, Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, or guest speaker
Event: Dinner 3 hour Florida/Georgia approved CE program
Lof ation: _ Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel, 10605 Deerwood Park Blvd
Time: 6:15pm- 9:3 0pm
Notes: Free to all, RSVP required (GrandRounds@nfvs.com); more information as
date approaches
More meetings are in the planning stages. The final two Wednesday Grand Rounds dates will be
July 9,2014 and October 8,2014. JVMS dates are TBD - May/June time period,
September/October time period, and November/December time period.
E. Website / Social Media committee - Dr. Cindy Miller and Dr. Katrina Toshach
F. Membership committee - Dr. Cindy Miller
G. Awards conmiittee - Dr. Rick Sutliff
H. Ethics/Peer Review conmiittee - Dr. Howard Acree
I. ACPS liaison committee - Dr. Jay Eme and Dr. Robin Chambers
J. JHS update - Dr. Lauren Rockey
K. University of Florida update - Dr. Nicoletti or Dr. Snyder
VI-Old Business
1. Facebook (Page and Group)
vn. New Business
1, Add Photography Committee - Dr. Sharon Hoffinan
2. Consider Videography for C.E. meetings
vn. Meeting adjoxmed

Dr. James Mosley