JVMS Minutes for July 10th 2008.  Meeting held at the Hilltop Club in Orange Park

Dr. Rebecca Williams called the meeting to order.    Last meeting’s minutes are available on line at our website (www.jvms.org).  Several new members were welcomed including Dr. Stephanie Nicoletto who is currently working with Dr. Niessen at the Animal Care and Control, Dr. James Mosley who is an associate with Dr. Robert Gordon at Mandarin Animal Hospital, Dr. Ann Porter who is an associate at A Cat Clinic with Dr. Allison Rogers and Dr. Bradley Schmidt who is the new oncology specialist with Dr. Crystal at the Southside location of North Fl Vet. Spec.  Other new members that were not present include Dr. Greeshake, owner of Vet-I-Care and Orangedale Animal Hospital.

Dr. Burrows from the University of Florida gave an update on their small animal hospital expansion.  The new building will be 3 stories and will include an outpatient care clinic, a linear accelerator as part of their oncology department and canine physical rehabilitation with an underwater treadmill.  The expansion is slated to break ground Nov 21st 2008 and their grand opening will be May 2010.  July 14th this year will mark the opening of Gator VetImaging a new outpatient program at the imaging center which will offer both CT’s and MR technology.  An Image Request Form can be requested by email at GVI@vetmed.ufl.edu or at 1-352-273-8585.  In addition, Dr. July Levy has secured a $1.8 million grant for shelter medicine and will be offering a residency program as well.

Dr. Paul Nicoletti gave the bad news of the $3.2 million budget cut for next year.  On the bright side however, the Week’s endowment gift of $6 million should make the university eligible for another $6 million federal match.  A graduate of the U of Fl vet school and past  president of the Cattle Assoc. has been very vocal regarding their dissatisfaction with the college’s admissions history, declaring that there is a failure to admit individuals with an interest in large animal medicine because of the high GPA standards.  Since the college was originally founded to support the large animal industry, the Cattle Association feels the school should do more to attract and admit large animal students.

Rick DuCharme and Leigh Burdett were visiting speakers.  They presented recent information regarding shelter intake and spay and neuter program statistics.  Their reports indicate that shelter intakes have dropped significantly (down 32% compared to 02, down 23% compared to 00) since the advent of the Spay Jax Program in 2001.  There will be a fundraiser called Jax Unleashed in a couple of weeks.  The Feral Cat Clinic now located on University Avenue is looking for a full time paid veterinarian.   They thanked all involved and urged for continued support of their programs.  For more information, feel free to contact them at www.fcmhp.org.

Dr. Rick Williams gave a report for the FVMA.  1)  The FVMA conference will be on Oct 3-5th at the Orlando Buena Vista Resort.  Next year it will be in April in Tampa.  2)  IMPORTANT- The Pharmacy bill was signed with a caveat that all hospitals (not individual veterinarians) must pay a yearly permit with the Dept. of Health.  Expect it to be in the $100-200 range and expect your first notice of this new permit to arrive some time the end of this year.  3)  IMPORTANT-  the Board of Vet. Medicine will be going back to a q. 2 year mandatory inspection schedule.  4)  IMPORTANT- Starting November 1st, a new “ID Theft Law”  will be enacted making veterinary practice owners liable for ID theft of a client’s information by a client or employee.  There will need to be a preventative protocol set in place and a designated employee in charge of the program.

Dr. Kimberly Niessen reported for the AC&C.  They are having a function this Sat the 12th for a public adoptathon.

Dr. Sutliff reported on the leadership conference that both he and Dr. Silverness attended last May 31st - June 1st.  He had compiled written notes to hand out.  Topics that were discussed at the meeting included the unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine, the legal ramifications of the change of status of ownership to guardianship, non economic damages, etc.  (Side note- This was an excellent meeting and I personally encourage all to review the notes that will be provided separately in the minutes page of our website)

Dr. Cindy Miller gave notice of the medical status of Dr. Hite.  He has recently had a stroke and due to this is in need of relief help and is selling his practice, Blanding Blvd. AH.

Dr. Kapustin gave a report on activities regarding the Jacksonville Zoo.  They are hosting a “Zoo Amnesty Day” in conjunction with the FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  They are giving people the opportunity to relinquish exotics and wildlife without any penalty for this one day.  The event will be in early November- exact date yet to be set.  They will need the assistance of veterinarians with exotic experience to do cursory exams on the relinquished animals.  There was mention of a new law that may require that all exotics be microchipped as well.

Dr. Acree has submitted some names for a Gold Star Award.

The next CE will be Sept. 14th.  Dr. Miller will be giving a dermatology lecture.

Dr. Snyder expressed some concern about the associations need to follow up with retired past JVMS members and acknowledge events in their lives with cards or flowers.  Dr’s. Doug C. McKee and Dr. Frank Reeser recently passed away.  Russ recommended a “Pioneer Night” for the retirees.  Dr. Himes of the U of FL is also in bad health.

New member chairs were selected/nominated for next year.  Next year’s president will be Dr. Rick Sutliff, the president elect will be Dr. Ann Silverness, the secretary will be Dr. Kimberly Niessen and Dr. Cindy Miller will remain as the treasurer.  Dr. Mitch Crystal has tentatively volunteered to be next year’s CE chair.