JVMS Meeting minutes - July 10, 2014

I.                    Meeting called to order Dr. James Mosley

II.                  Introduction of guests – from UF Karen Legato, Joann Winn, Dr. Paul Nicoletti

III.                Acceptance of May’s meeting minutes – Dr. Timberlake

a.       We still need to fill the Treasurer’s position

IV.                 Treasurer’s Report – Dr. Cindy Miller is absent. Report provided.

V.                  Committee Reports

a.       FVMA – Dr. Sutliff not in attendance, Passed Mobility Act

b.      Trust Fund Committee Dr. David Cromer $ 33,613

c.       By Laws Committee – Dr. Russ Snyder not in attendance

d.      C.E. Committee – Dr. Mitch Crystal

i.      Upcoming Meetings- September 14th on Rehab, Lepto, and Emergency Medicine Topics

ii.      Wednesday Evening Grand Rounds 10/18/2014

iii.      March 1st 2015 – Fl and GA CE 2 hour laws, 1 hr controlled drugs; medical topics to be determine

iv.      Discussed alternating grand rounds with JVMS on the months that it does occur we will schedule 1 week apart

e.       Website / Social Media Committee Dr. Toshach

f.         Holiday Party Committee Dr. Toshach

i.      Took a poll on when we should have our holiday party.  Will let us know at the next meeting

ii.      After we set a date we will work on a theme

g.        Membership Committee – Dr. Mitch Crystal

i.      J. Kelly Cuthbert UF 2014 Merrill Animal Clinic

ii.      Johnathan Williams Black Creek Veterinary Hospital

iii.      Dennie Bassham AUB 76 Bassham Veterinary Hospital

h.       Awards Committee – Dr. Rick Sutliff – absent

i.         Ethics / Peer Review Committee – Dr. Howard Acree / Dr. Rick Sutliff – Absent

j.        ACPS Liaison Committee Dr. Jay Erne / Dr. Robin Chambers – Absent

i.      Dr. Nick Kapustin reaching out to Nicki Harris to join us at our next meeting to discuss her position at the zoo

k.        JHS Update – Dr. Lauren Rockey – absent

l.         University of Florida Update – Dr. Paul Nicoletti, Mrs. JoAnn Winn, and Mrs. Karen Legato

i.      Discussed Dean’s update – A lot of growth and construction on the campus.  New lameness arena “Sport’s Medicine Complex”, Adding a 2nd floor Sim lab and 3rd floor additional Lab space to current building and  new Welcome Center at the Vet School

VI.                 Old Business

a.       Looking to fill Treasurer position

b.      Local News station partnering with JVMS on Microchipping event

c.       Deans Circle of Excellence Discussion

i.      Working on a search for a person dedicated to scholarship support.  Once in place will raise $120 million for the Deans Circle of Excellence to help offset student loan debt.  Disagreement with how this would affect the Veterinary profession and flood the market with veterinarians without jobs.

VII.               New Business

a.       Heritage Institute would like to attend our next  business meeting and make a short presentation

VIII.            Meeting adjourned

Dr. Britany Timberlake