JVMS Business Meeting Minutes July 11th, 2013

I. Meeting called to order - Dr. Tim Holloway

II. Introduction of guests/new member - Dr. Cindy Miller

1. Dr. Julie Clark-Blount; Laurel Oaks Animal Hospital

III. Acceptance of May minutes - Dr. Tiffany Mosley

IV. Treasure’s Report - Dr. Cassy Beaudoin

V. Committee Reports

A. FVMA committee - Dr. Rick Sutliff

B. Trust fund committee - Dr. Cromer

C. Holiday Party committee - SEVO has now undertaken this committee

Voting for date took place

C. CE committee - Dr. Crystal




Date:                    Sunday September 15, 2013

Topic:                   Required Florida Law (2 hr), Required Florida Controlled Drug (1 hr); TBD medical topics (2 hr)

Sponsors:           Boehringer Ingelheim, Iam’s, North Beaches Pharmacy

Presenters:         Mike Poland, RPH; Denise E. Farris, Esq.; Dan Green, DVM; [tentative Doug Yanik, MBA, DVM]

Event:                   Breakfast & 5 hour CE program

Location:             Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront

Time:                    7:15am breakfast, 8:00am program begins

Notes:                  RSVP to mitch@nfvs.com by Thursday noon 9/12/13; free to JVMS members, $55 to non-members; In process of trying to get Georgia approval for this seminar to fulfill Georgia 2 hr Laws, Rules and Professionalism requirement


Date:                     Wednesday October 9, 2013

Topic:                    Grand Rounds –Behavior Part 2 –Feline & Canine Elimination Issues (2 hr); Medical and Surgical Updates (1 hr)

Sponsors:            Zoetis, Merrill Lynch, & The Veterinary Specialty Group

Presenters:        Terry Curtis, DVM, DACVB, UF; Kevin Benjamino, DVM, DACVS Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, & Kim Voisine, DVM, DACVIM North Florida Veterinary Specialists

Event:                   Dinner & 3 hour Florida/Georgia approved CE program

Location:              Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel, 10605 Deerwood Park Blvd

Time:                     6:30pm-9:30pm

Notes:                 free to all, RSVP required –GrandRounds@nfvs.com


E. Website committee - Dr. Miller / Dr. Silverness: Nothing New

F. Membership committee - Dr. Miller: See new members listed above

G. University of Florida update - Dr. Nicoletti

H. Awards/Peer review committee - Dr. Sutliff / Dr. Acree: Nothing New

I. ACPS liaison committee - Dr. Erne (absent)

J. Sanford Brown update - Dr. Gosche (absent)

K. JHS update - Dr. Broadhurst (absent)

VI. New Business

1. Sponsorship of business meetings by reps was re-addressed

VII. Meeting adjourned

**Presentation by Dr. Kapustin and Atkins discussing current and upcoming projects at the Jacksonville Zoo

Dr. Tiffany Mosley