JacksonvilleVeterinary Medical Society
Business Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2011


I.                   Meeting called to order

II.                Minutes from the May business meeting are not yet available.  They will be forwarded to the membership as soon as they are available.


1.      New Member:  Bryan Clarke, Miramar Animal Hospital


1.      Treasurer’s Report:  Dr. Heidi Chupp

i.      Monthly balance sheet was available for review at all tables.

ii.      If not yet paid, 2011 JVMS dues should be remitted to Dr. Heidi Chupp.  Her contact information can be found on the JVMS website.

2.      Secretary:  Dr. Laura Kelsey

i.      The Annual Business Meeting will be held on Thursday September 8th at Epping Forest Yacht Club.  Note that this is the second Thursday of the month instead of the first.

3.      FVMA Update:  Drs. Rick Sutliff and Rick Williams (not present)

i.      No update

4.      CE Committee:  Dr. Mitch Crystal

i.      Upcoming CE Meetings sponsored by JVMS

1.      Sunday, September 25th —Joint FVMA/JVMS Meeting—other details TBD

2.      November Meeting—details TBD

ii.      Other Local CE Opportunities

1.      Wednesday, July 20th —Grand Rounds

5.      HolidayParty Committee:  Dr. Nicole Hardie/Dr. Steve Hart (not present)

i.      Holiday Party to be held Dec 10 at the Aetna Building downtown

1.      Menu:  Prime Rib carving station, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Pasta, a chef-attended Bananas Foster dessert station

2.      Entertainment:  hoping to book a DJ

6.      Website Committee:  Dr. Cindy Miller (not present)

i.      Drs. Mitch Crystal, CE Chair, and Laura Kelsey, JVMS Secretary, had a meeting this evening to discuss maintaining the JVMS mailing list.  This is a labor intensive project that we and Dr. Miller are working on together.

7.      University of Florida

i.      Referring Veterinarian Appreciation Day was June 25th

1.       A few JVMS members attended this event, including Dr. Pope.

a.       This event is held annually and is always a nice time, with complimentary drinks and appetizers.  Dr. Pope encourages all to consider attending next year.

2.      Dr. Collin Burrows, chair of the department of small animal clinical services, retired this year.  There was a special reception for him at this event.

a.       A new scholarship to support veterinary students, endowed at $40,000, was established in his honor.  The goal is for the endowment to reach $100,000.  If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation, you can send checks to the UF Foundation in care of the Veterinary Medicine Collin F Burrows Scholarship.

ii.      UF College Advisory Committee Report – Dr. Sharon Hoffman

1.      The committee met May 27.  Three main topics were discussed—man power, money and communication.  Interestingly, these same three topics were also discussed in the current issue of JAVMA.

a.       Man Power:  Why is there an increase in vet schools/students if there’s a decline in jobs?

i.      UF CVM Statistics

1.      Student Statistics

a.       This year’s incoming class has 100 seats (an increase over last year’s number)—88 residents, 12 out- of-state

b.      There were 900 applicants for these 100 seats.

2.      Hospital Statistics:  The caseload in equine and food animal remains good, but the small animal caseload has declined.

ii.      Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) has explored the possibility of opening a veterinary program, which would be the second program in the state.

iii.      National Statistics

1.      79% of vet school graduates had job offers in 2010.  This is roughly unchanged from 2009.  In 2008, 90% of graduating seniors had job offers.

2.      2011 will have a 3% increase in the number of graduates over 2010.

iv.      Possible Reasons for the Discrepancy

1.      One theory is that there is a perceived shortage of rural practitioners.  However, the American Association of Bovine Practitioners reports that this is unfounded.  While there are under-served areas, these areas are unable to support a veterinary practice (thus, more practitioners are not a solution to the problem).

2.      In the past, graduates have been encouraged to look for government jobs.  Currently, these are not widely available due to lack of funding.

v.      Conclusions

1.      We need to look at what’s right for all aspects of the profession, not just for one part of it (i.e. the veterinary schools).

2.      The increased UF class sizes won’t graduate for another four years.  By then the economy should be improved.  In addition, baby boomers are expected to be starting to retire and new jobs will become available.

b.      Money

i.      Student debt load has increased by 22% while full time salaries have only increased by 6%.

1.      Suggested solution:  Return to 2 years of pre-recs so students have only 6 years of school debt instead of 8.

a.       Concern—a 6 yr program may increase joblessness problem

ii.      UF is doing well financially.

1.      Contributing Factors:  the new building came in under budget, the increased number of out of state students are generating more tuition revenue which now comes directly to the CVM

2.      Plans:  renovate the SA hospital; update the physical therapy department, pharmacy and cat donor facility; hire new faculty; build a free standing lecture hall which would accommodate 180 students

c.       Communication

i.      There is a new contact person for veterinarians referring cases to the teaching hospital.  UF hopes this will solve some of the past problems.

ii.      The attending doctor or resident should contact the rDVM with updates about hospitalized patients.  Let the hospital know if you are not receiving such updates.

2.      Discussion:  Dr. Erne thinks adjunct professors can be considered to help veterinary schools keep costs down and to provide students with perspectives from those out in practice.

a.       Charlie Bild Program—this is a program already in place that encourages veterinarians from the community to come to the college for 1-3 months.  The visiting veterinarian picks an area in which they would like further training (surgery, internal medicine, etc.).  They are mentored by a faculty member in that area and, in turn, the visiting veterinarian provides students with a “real world” perspective.  The FVMA maintains a condo and offers the visiting practitioner a stipend.  Dr. Pope participated in this program and reported that it was a very valuable educational experience for both him and the veterinary students.  He also reports that UF has trouble filling the program.  Dr. Pope encourages everyone to consider participating.

8.      Awards/Auditing/Bylaws/Peer Review/Trust Fund Committees

a.       No updates.

9.      Sanford-Brown Institute – Veterinary Technology Program--Dr. Jacoby (not present)

a.       No updates.

10.  ACPS/FCNMHP/Humane Society

a.       Toast to the Animals Wine Tasting & Auction to benefit the Jacksonville Humane Society is scheduled for August 19, 2011.  Tickets can be purchased on the humane society website.

b.      ACPS recently hired Dr. Leslie Gillette as their 2nd staff veterinarian.


1.      Animal Care and Protective Services Liaison – Any volunteers for this position?

i.      Dr. Erne has been acting as liaison at this time.  It is not a very time consuming position.  It requires maintaining contact with Scott Trebatoski, who is very interested in having someone from JVMS involved.  Dr. Erne would consider this position after officers change positions if no one else is interested.

ii.      No one at the meeting expressed interest in this position.

2.      Legislative Committee – Any volunteers to serve on this committee?

i.      This position would involve contacting local legislators (especially city council) to let them know we’re here with the hopes that we can be contacted/involved if changes in policy are proposed.  It is important to make contact with these people and to consider monetary donations.  This may be a labor intensive position and we need people who have an interest in this type of involvement.

ii.      Goal—to have interested people by the September meeting

3.      K9s for Warriors—Natalie Hashey

i.      This is a non-profit organization partnered with the internationally recognized Wounded Warriors Program whose goal is to raise awareness and funds to pair trained, donated companion dogs with veterans.  The program is run by Sherry and Bob Duval (a professional golfer).  They became interested in starting this program through one of their children, who is involved in the Wounded Warriors Project.  Nationwide, there are 300,000 wounded veterans.

1.      Goal:  to place 24 dogs/year, focusing on veterans suffering from PTSD

a.       So far they’ve placed two dogs (one with an amputee and one with a veteran suffering from PTSD)

2.      Needs:

a.       contacts for quality breeders

b.      monetary donations

c.       veterinary services

d.      assistance raising awareness about their organization (we can place posters in our lobbies, talk to clients about the program, etc.)

e.       will need puppy raisers in the near future

3.      Upcoming Event:  a celebrity golf tourney (Jag players, etc.)

4.      Any other business/concerns/issues

i.      A long time technician from NFVS’ Southside office, Jill Lukens, was tragically killed this weekend.  She recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary with NFVS.  Dr. Crystal reported that the entire staff was devastated.  She was well known and liked and will be deeply missed.  Donations for helping to take care of and find homes for her pets are being collected.  If anyone is interested in donating, please contact Dr. Crystal or Amy (his practice manager).

1.      Dr. Hoffman suggested that the JVMS make a donation to a local Golden Retriever Rescue in Jill’s name, as this was one of her passions.

a.       A motion was made for the JVMS to make such a donation.  It was seconded and passed.

ii.      Dr. Robin Chambers suggested that the JVMS consider forming a committee to discuss the issue of pit bulls.  This is a very controversial topic and it has been on her mind that maybe we as a professional organization should come together and be proactive in regards to this issue.  Perhaps recommendations could be made to ACPS, local government or to politicians if breed specific legislation was ever proposed in our county.  When asked, Dr. Chambers commented that she doesn’t have a definite stance on the issue, but that she doesn’t agree with one extreme or the other.  The goal is to minimize the danger that these breeds represent.  If an official stance were to be taken by JVMS, a committee would need to be formed to discuss the issues.  Possible ideas would be to recommend that a class or certification be required for those adopting pit bulls from shelters or for all those who own the breed.  This idea could be presented to the City as a possible revenue opportunity (as this may provide more of an incentive for them to enact such a policy).  Dr. Chambers wants members to consider this issue and possibly discuss forming a committee at the next meeting.

1.      Dr. Erne—Some FL counties (Miami Dade, for example) have already outlawed this breed, so he thinks it’s a good idea to be proactive.  As a veterinarian, he likes this breed and thinks it would be tragic if the breed were outlawed.  However, he does agree that they need to be in an appropriate environment.  The media has a tendency to be very biased in regards to this (and many other!) issues.  A committee could come up with some specific objectives/recommendations to present to ACPS.  He thinks Scott Trebatoski would be very open to this discussion.

2.      Further discussion to be held at the September meeting.

iii.      Dr. LaDue would like to announce that there is a new oncologist on staff at SEVO, Dr. Andrew Daters.  He completed his oncology training at LSU and recently moved to Jacksonville from New Orleans.  He will primarily be working from the Savannah office (as they are hoping to open that office full time in the near future).  He was unable to make it to the meeting because he was held up in Savannah.


Meeting Adjournment



Dr. Laura Kelse