Dear JVMS Members,

Thank you all who joined us at the last JVMS business meeting.  The meeting was held downtown at the University Club and was very well attended.  For those of you who have not been to the University Club, it is located on the top floor of the Wachovia building and provides a wonderful view of the city and river.  We have a private room, so we get the added benefit of a quiet environment.  Because the University Club is centrally located and provides an ideal setting for the meetings, we are proposing that the majority of the business meetings take place at this venue.  The annual business meeting in September will still be held at the Epping Forest Yacht Club.  If any member has an objection to this or would prefer the meetings be held at variable sites, please let me know.

Scott Trebatoski from Animal Care and Protective Services joined us at the last meeting to help clarify a few points on the city animal ordinance.  He stated that almost all veterinary hospitals are in compliance with the now mandatory sales of tags and rabies certificates.  Any questions regarding licenses and tags can be directed to Tony Floyd at AnthonyF@coj.netor (904) 255-7377.

Scott has also requested the JVMS elect a member to serve as a liaison to Animal Care and Protective Services.  Having a person in direct communication with ACPS will help keep the JVMS involved with and aware of animal care issues at the city level.  If anyone is interested in serving as the ACPS liaison, please contact me so I can get this on the agenda for the next meeting.

There was also a proposal for the JVMS to form a legislative committee.  The purpose of this committee will be to make contacts with city council members and other local politicians so that the JVMS will have a stronger voice with issues that affect local veterinarians.  Again, if anyone has an interest in participating with this committee, then please attend the next business meeting or contact me directly.

Thank you all again for your support of the JVMS.  I hope to see many of you at the next business meeting on May 5th at the University Club!



Jay Erne, DVM
Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society

Dr. Jay Erne