JVMS Business Meeting - March 1, 2012

I.     Meeting called to order

II.   Introduction of guests/new member

A.  Dr. David Gosche

III.   Acceptance of January minutes – Dr. Erin Hatcher

IV.    Update on Dr. Ladue

Tracy LaDue had a double mastectomy.  She will be following up with chemotherapy and radiation.  In lieu of flowers, the JVMS donated money to pay for 3 dinners for her family while she was recovering.

V.    Treasurer’s report – Dr. Heidi Chupp

VI.   Committee Reports

A.      FVMA Report – Dr. Sutliff

1.       Legislative day trip – an opportunity for those interested in how to work with representing veterinary medicine in this area.

2.       Legislative efforts included changing the definition of limited service and stopping expanded hours and micro-chipping at limited service clinics.

B.  Trust fund committee – Dr. Cromer

C.  CE committee – Dr. Walker

1.  Sarcoma CE on March 11

2.  Grand Rounds on March 14

3.  Cardiology on April 23rd

D.  Holiday Party update – Dr. Hardie

1.  Mardi Gras party on February 9, 2013

E.  Website committee – Dr. Miller/Dr. Silverness – nothing new

F.  Membership committee – Dr. Miller – nothing new

G.  University of Florida update – Dr. Snyder

1.  UF Pet Memorial Service recommended

H.  Awards/Peer review committee – Dr. Sutliff/Dr. Acree

1.  Awards committee is submitting recommendations

2.  Peer Review – nothing new

I.   ACPS liaison committee – Dr. Erne

1.  Working with an animal hoarder who had 700 – 100 cats.  The ASPCA is the primary     organization dealing with this, but ACPS is helping.  If you are interested in helping or donating, contact Scott Trebatoski.

2.  A dog fighting ring was broken up and there are 20 – 25 dogs which need treatment.

J.  Sanford Brown update – Dr. Gosche

1.  New director, Dr. David Gosche.

2.  The school is working with ACPS on problem cases to give students experience.

3.  Students are about to go out on internships.

K.  Jacksonville Humane Society update

1.  Three veterinarians – one shelter vet, two vets at the new full service hospital.

2.  Mission is to keep pets in homes and provide service to shelter pets.


VII.      New Business

A.       Meals on Wheels – Dr. Patti Snyder

1.       Through Aging True, formerly the Cathedral Foundation, and ACPS, 140 lb. dog food/month and 100 lb. cat food/month are being provided to Meals on Wheels clients.  This was begun because it was found that the clients were sharing their meals with their pets.  JVMS would like to collect food and have us donate it to the cause.  7 – 8 clinics have committed to the project.  The hope is that this will eventually grow into other services such as preventative health care.

B.      Possible externships for FSCJ students – Dr. Clark

1.        Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences has been established with research and pre-professional tracks.  The school needs shadowing opportunities for their students.  If you are interested, contact Dr. Bryan Clarke, 904-864-7065 or clarke.bry@gmail.com

C.       AVEC – Dr. Brad Mackenzie

1.       Announcement of opening in the former Animal ER location.  They have sent out questionnaires to local veterinarians to see how we want them to handle our cases.  They are currently remodeling and working out of the surgery facility.

D.      Limited Service Clinics – Dr. Tiffany Mosley and Dr. Alicia Price Keener

1.       Dr. Mosley expressed the opinion that they are getting out of control and that we should band together to do something about them.

2.       Pet Caravan owner in jail and being prosecuted

3.       Dr. Keener expressed the opinion that there is a place for vaccine clinics that are properly regulated and run and a discussion of the pros and cons ensued.

E.       Dr. Bernie Marks died two months ago.  He was a member of JVMS for 25 years.

VIII.      Meeting adjourned

Dr. Cindy Miller, Acting Secretary

Dr. Cindy Miller