Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society

Minutes: March 4, 2010 Business Meeting

The minutes were accepted from the January business meeting.

Dr Nicoletti was present, representing the University of Florida.

Patricia Wlasuk was also at the meeting from the UF CVM alumni affairs office.

The Distinguished Service award will be awarded to Dr Russ Snyder on May 29, 2010.

Dr John Harvey received the Lifetime Achievement from the NAVC.

The State of the College of Veterinary Medicine:

The budget is unknown so far this year.  Last year the college was spared cuts.

In regards to enrollment, the Dean wants to increase class size.  The faculty endorsed adding students to bring it up to 100 students per class, mostly out of state students, due to higher tuition fees paid by those students.   Ross students will also be added.

The hospital revenue is down in the small animal hospital. In the equine hospital, revenue is very down.

The national average debt load is $140,000 for veterinary students.  There are concerns about whether or not they will they be able to pay this off during their lifetimes.

There are concerns about graduating more large animal practitioners.  The federal government is to finance part of a system of scholarships to encourage students to pursue this field.  Florida Vet School has 4 slots for this government program to reduce student debt by 25%.

The admissions committee has been criticized for not picking students interested in food animal medicine.  This scholarship program is one avenue for increasing the number of food animal veterinarians.

UF CVM applicants

Non residents will remain nonresidents throughout their time at UFSVM.

Resident tuition is $22,000 annually, while nonresident tuition is $44,000 annually. This tuition is considered less expensive than most schools.  It is more expensive to educate veterinarians than other medical professionals.  Ross students seem to be doing fine with keeping up with education after transferring to UF.

News from the USDA APHIS concerning our accreditation:

The Accreditation to sign health certificates with USDA will change. There will be a two tiered accreditation system with one for food animals and another for small animals. This is online and available now and seems to be a simple process.  We will have to re-qualify every 3 years.  Visit the FVMA or USDA Veterinary Services websites for details.

FVMA Liaison (Dr Rick Williams) FVMA report:

The annual convention is April 9-11 in Tampa.

FVMA Board will meet Tues and Wed there will be a meeting with legislators.

District 2 representative will be Dr Rick Sutliff.

Dr Rick Williams is currently running for treasurer of FVMA.

Legislation report:

A breed specific ban has not been put into a specific bill.

FL animal control officers and the humane society spoke against having a breed specific ban bill.

Senators are also against such bills.

Currently there are no bans for any such breed.

FVMA opposed the Dangerous dog legislation.

California currently has breed limitations on Dobermans and Rottweilers.

City ordinances cannot limit what breeds to have in Florida at this time.

Special reports:

Dr Cromer: no activity

Continuing Education: (Dr Locke) CE will be on March 21 and the subject is modern management of orthopedic disease, pain management and elbow and stifle conditions

Next CE is June 6:  Antech is the sponsor and will provide one of their speakers.

Aug meeting will be in combination with the FVMA.  The last combined meeting was well attended.  The subject will be current financial trends in veterinary medicine D.

Please email Dr Locke suggestions for CE subjects at drlocke@petcancercare.com.  Or call her at SEVO.

Animal Care and Control liaison: not present

Dr Acree: nothing to report

Website committee: Cindy Miller

Ryan Clark is a new grad looking for a job in the Jacksonville area.  His wife has a job position here in Jacksonville.

Veterinary ads are not password protected on the website.

There is a list of members who have paid dues on the website, so please check to make sure you have paid the annual $50 dues which were due in January.

Bylaws committee (Dr Snyder):

Bylaws:  A motion to amend bylaws to allow regular committees to be appointed by president and insert regular committee chairperson was approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Dr. Miller)

The report was approved as presented.  We are still collecting 2010 dues at this time.

Awards Committee (Dr Sutliff):

6 nominations were made for FVMA gold star awards by our committee.

Dr Dan Jacobi: Sanford Brown

March 23 first class starts which is full. The rollover list starts May 18.

The class size is 24 students. There is a new class every 10-15 weeks. Aug 18 and Nov 15 are the next start dates for classes.

There will be an externship program every 10 weeks.

There is a push for weekend classes, but currently morning and afternoon classes are available.

The AVMA site visit is scheduled for Feb 23, 2011 for accreditation.

Approx ¼ of students in the program are in the profession or have experience in the profession.

28 hospitals in Jacksonville signed up for externs.

Tuition is $2590 for program.

Current pay $14-15 / hr for CVT’s in the area.

Financial aid available: Pell grants, private loans

Student stats unknown at this time

The facilities include lab, x-ray, pharmacy and surgery areas

This is an AA degree program.

Idexx and Webster are partners.

There will be an open house, maybe in late April or May.

Faculty composed of certified veterinary technicians and multiple adjunct professors (DVM’s).

We would like to have a Zoo meeting in late March or April.