March Meeting Minutes

I. Meeting called to order by Dr. Tom McNicholas, President

IL Introduction of new members and guests - Dr. Cindy Miller

III. Acceptance of meeting minutes - Or, Tom McNicholas

IV. Treasurer's Report - Dr. Cindy Miller: Annual dues for 2015 are still due

a. 10 new members

V. Committee Reports

a. FVMA: Dr. Sutliff - President Elect

i. Looking for Volunteers for the FVMA CE Committee

1. April 9-12, 2015 Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa in Lake Buena

Vista, FL

2. FVMA legislative days March 11-12 in Tallahassee

a. Compounding - dispensation in house

b. Pet Trust Act

b. Trust Fund Dr, David Cromer

i. 91,986.14

c. Holiday Party: SEVO-Med: Great Gatsby Gala

i. Financial responsibility

1. Discussed having a budget for the party - $7000.00

2. Ideas - Corporate sponsorship, people can attend for free or reduced

cost if they attend a certain number of meetings,

d. CE Committee - Drs. Crystal, Benjamino, Goricki

e. Website / social media committee - Drs, Cindy Miller and Toshach finished

interviewing company's and will be deciding on a group soon

i. $6000 budget

ii. has a new password Petzvetz

f. Membership Committee - Drs. Mitch Crystal / Dr. Cindy Miller: >300 members

g. Awards Committee - Dr. Rick Sutliff - Dr. Russ Snyder gets distinguished Service.


h. Ethics / Peer Review Committee - Drs. Acree / Sutliff: Quiet for now

i. ACPS Liaison Committee - Drs. Erne and Chambers - not present

j. JHS update - Dr. Rockey

k. University of Florida update - mobile surgical suite for Levy, Putnam and Bradford


VI. Old Business

a. Filling treasurer position - Dr. McNicholas is going to take over for Dr. Miller

b. Task Force for Member Participation:

i. See Attached sheet

ii. Next business meeting - voted and Dave and Busters will be location

c. Dr, Russ Snyder - Honorary membership

i. Nominations for next year:

1. Dr. Robert Gordon

2. Dr. Jackson

3. Dr. Nicoletti

VII. New Business

a.       Wells Fargo - Mike Calvey would like to present and talk about investment

b. Members would prefer that it was in regards to specific money for JVMS

VIII. Meeting Adjourned

Dr. Britany Timberlake