JVMS Business Meeting Minutes
March 6, 2014
  1. Meeting Called to order- Dr. James Mosley
  2. Introduction of guests/new members- Dr. Cindy Miller (Absent)
    1. Abbey Harris: Oklahoma State
    2. Shelby Terry-Wolfe: St. Matthew’s University
  3. Acceptance of November minutes- Dr. James Mosley
  4. Treasurer’s Report- Dr. Cassy Beaudoin
    1. Taxes Completed for 2013
  5. Committee Reports
    1. FVMS committee- Dr. Rick Sutliff (Absent)
    2. Trust Fund Committee- Dr. Cromer
    3. ACPS/JHS Committee- Dr. Robin Chambers requesting help from other members
    4. Membership Committee- Dr. Cindy Miller (Absent)
    5. C.E. Committee- Dr. Crystal (Absent)
      1. Date: Sunday March 9th, 2014
      2. Topic: IT & Web Marketing Topics
      3. Sponsors: Elanco
      4. Presenters: Eric D. Garcia, Simply Done Tech Solutions, LLC
      5. Event: Breakfast & 5 hr FL/GA approved CE Program
      6. Location: Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront
      7. Time: 7:30 am breakfast, 8:00 am program begins
      8. Notes: Attendance open to team members as well; RSVP to mitch@nfvs.com by 3 days prior to meeting; free to JVMS members; $55 to non-members
    6. University of Florida- Dr. Nicoletti
      1. Special Guest- President Floyd presented new budget at UF and new positions within the VTH
      2. Awards/Peer review committee- Dr. Sutliff/Dr. Acree
      3. Sanford Brown update- Dr. Gosche (Absent)
      4. JHS update- Dr. Broadhurst (Absent)
  6. Old Business
  7. New Business- Send all dues/member payments to Dr. Cindy Miller, 4559 Park Street Jacksonville, FL 32205, or submit payment via PayPal through JVMS website
  8. Election of Officers- Secretarial/Treasury Nominations for rest of 2014 and following year

President- Dr. James Mosley
President-elect- Dr. Tom McNicholas
Secretary: Available
Treasurer: Available; interim Treasurer- Cindy Miller

Chair: Dr. David Cromer
Chair: Dr. Rick Sutliff
Members: Dr. Howard Acree
ACPS/HS Liaison:
Chair: Dr. Jay Erne
Members: Dr. Robin Chambers
Chair: Dr. Russ Snyder
Continuing Education:
Chair: Dr. Mitch Crystal
Members: Drs. Constance Goricki, Anna Maxwell, Kevin Benjamino
Holiday Party:
Chair: Dr. Tracy LaDue
Members: Dr. Jennifer Locke
Chair: Dr. Cindy Miller
Members. Dr. Mitch Crystal
Ethics/Peer Review:
Chair: Dr. Howard Acree
Members: Dr. Rick Sutliff
Trust Fund:
Chair: Dr. David Cromer
Chair: Dr. Cindy Miller
Members: Drs. Mitch Crystal, Devegowda Gopal, Katrina Toshach

  1. Meeting Adjourned

Dr. Cassy Beaudoin