JVMS Business Meeting Minutes - May 14, 2015
I. Meeting called to order by Dr, Tom McNicholas, President
II.. Introduction of new members and guests - Dr. Cindy Miller
III. Acceptance of March Meeting Minutes - Dr. Tom McNicholas
IV. Treasurer's Report - Dr. Cindy Miller: Accountant is working on the tax return for
2014. May 15^ extension. Annual corporate Report is filed
V. Committee Reports
a. FVMA: Dr. Sutliff-President-Elect
i, FVMA Convention had good attendance at the annual meeting
ii. FVMA legislative days March 11-12 in Tallahassee: We are able to
acquire compounded drugs and legally sell them
b. Trust Fund Dr. David Cromer
c. Holiday Party: SEVO
i. Discussed different options re Holiday Party Voted to have Luau for
next Holiday party instead of a traditional Holiday party
d. CE Committee - Dr. Crystal
i. See attached list
e. Website / social media Committee - Dr. Cindy Miller and Dr. Toshach
i. New website is on back burner for now
ii. A company has been chosen and given a $6000.00 budget
iii. Dr. Cindy Miller really needs volunteers for the website committee or a
project chairman. No volunteers responded
f. Membership Committee - Dr. Mitch Crystal / Dr. Cindy Miller
i. Current membership >300 members
ii. March meeting we had 10 new members
iii. New members this meeting
1. Dr. Lauren Rockey - JHS UF'12
2. Dr. Michael Payne - Full Circle Animal Hospital Callahan
g. Awards Committee - Dr. Rick Sutliff
i. Dr. Russ Snyder honorary member Plaque
h. Ethics / Peer Review - Drs. Acree and Sutliff
i. ACPS Liason Dr. Sutliff
i. Has been meeting with Niki Harris and is trying to rewrite pet ordinance
of Jacksonville
]. JHS Update - Dr. Rockey : Not present
VI. University of Florida Update - N/A
VII. Old Business
a. Treasurer needed — Dn McNicholas will help with this until new treasurer can
be placed
b. Honorary Memberships.
i. Dr. Russ Snyder will receive for 2015, can only have one per year
ii. Voted to have Dr. Robert Gordon for 2016
c. Holiday Party Great Gatsby Gala
i. Discussed financial responsibility needed for event. For next event
there will be a budget of $7000.00 placed.
ii. Ideas to keep within this budget: corporate sponsorship
d. Membership Task Force
i. Items that were up for discussion and required a motion and member
1. Waive dues and cover regular business meetings dinner
expenses for officers and key committee chairs (President,
President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Committee
chair, CE Committee Chair, Web Committee Chair, JVMS Social
Committee Chair). It was voted on and passed to cover the
business meeting dinners but not to waive the dues for the
above listed positions and committee chairs.
2. Increase dues to $75.00. This was passed.
3. These should go into effect for the 2016 meetings
ii. We discussed additional items that would require a change in the
1. Change to quarterly business meetings (4 per year instead of 6).
2. Change and redefine Holiday Party Committee to JVMS Social
a. In order to suspend or amend a bylaw it must be offered
in writing, signed by the party / parties making the
motion, must be adopted by 60% vote of the members
present at a duly called meeting, the changes must not
interfere with the vested rights and privileges of another
3. We will bring these up again at the next meeting to determine if
this should be written and brought to September Business
meeting since this generally a larger meeting.
4. It was also discussed to have a Social Activity in which JVMS ,
could give back to the community an idea that was brought up
to do a Toy drive at Wolfson^s Children's Hospital. This idea
should be explored further at the next meeting.
5. We would need to put someone in charge of this activity. The
Social Committee will need to be voted on at the next meeting,
but the Holiday Party would be a separate event.
VIII. New Business
IX. Meeting adjourned

Dr. Britany Timberlake