JVMS Business Meeting – May 3rd, 2012

I.    Meeting called to order
II.   Introduction of guests/new member
A.  Dr. Danielle Churchill
III. Introduction of new secretary – Dr. Tiffany Mosley
IV. Acceptance of March minutes – Dr. Cindy Miller
V. Treasure’s Report – Dr. Heidi Chupp (Absent)
VI. Update on Dr. LaDue – Dr. Jennifer Locke
A. Dr. Tracy LaDue was almost finished with chemotherapy at the time of the meeting.
VII.   Committee Reports
A. FVMA Report – Dr. Sutliff (Absent; currently attending FVMA conference)
B.  Trust fund committee – Dr. Cromer: nothing new to report
C.  CE committee – Dr. Cindy Miller
1.  Grand Rounds May 16th
2.  Dermatology, Dentistry, and Drugs May 20th
3.  FVMA/JVMS Combined Regional Meeting September 9th OR September 23rd; still in planning
4. Technician Cardiology CE June 6th
5. Grand Rounds, Clinical Case Presentations July 18th
D.  Holiday Party update – Dr. Hardie: nothing new to report
E.  Website committee – Dr. Miller/Dr. Silverness: nothing new to report
F.  Membership committee – Dr. Miller: nothing new to report
G.  University of Florida update – Dr. Nicoletti & Patricia Wlasuk
1.  Dr. Nicoletti introduced senior students Brooke Minton and Nicci Fisher who are graduating this month and looking for employment in small animal practice in North Central Florida
2. Budget cuts are an issue and state support continues to diminish. UF CVM currently receives only 20% of its funding from the state of Florida.
3. Average debt load for graduates is approximately $140,000
4. Recent or upcoming faculty retirements include:  Elliott Jacobson, Paul Gibbs, Michael Schaer and Charles Courtney\
5. Dr. Ginn is now the Associate Dean for Students and Instruction
6. May 6th is the Coating Ceremony
7. May 11th is the Graduation Ceremony
8. New Veterinary schools in Arizona, Utah and Tennessee
9. Discussed programs for loan forgiveness for those interested in pursuing careers in Large Animal Medicine (specifically Food Animal)
10. Patricia Wlasuk UF CVM Development & Alumni Affairs Report
11. Thanked JVMS for long-time support as state support is expected to continue to drop. Current JVMS support at UF CVM includes:
12. JVMS Emergency Loan Fund - 6 students are utilizing and are repaying the temporary loans
13. Dean’s Circle of Excellence – your membership contributed to the renovation of the Education Center with new student areas that allow group study and a computer lab
14. Congratulated Kevin Drygas, recipient of the CVM Outstanding Young Alumnus for 2012 – an annual award to an alumnus who has made significant contributions to the profession, community and/or UF CVM
15. Will take JVMS concerns re:  increased student enrollment back to Dean Hoffsis
H.  Awards/Peer review committee – Dr. Sutliff/Dr. Acree: nothing new to report
I.   ACPS liaison committee – Dr. Erne: nothing new to report
J.  Sanford Brown update – Dr. Gosche
1.  Accreditation has been extended for the year.
K.  Jacksonville Humane Society update: Nothing new to report
VIII.      New Business
A.  Update on rabies license from ACPS – Dr. Grant McMillian
1. Notes distributed by Dr. McMillian from meeting that took place on April 30th
2. The notes follow this report.
B. Any other new business
IX. Meeting adjourned

Dr. Tiffany Mosley, Secretary

Dr. McMillan's Notes from the Animal Care and Protective Services Meeting:

Cost for new building was around 9.5 million
Considered a green building
Can house around 300 animals
Scott Trebatoski will not be attending meeting

Tony Floyd (main presenter)
Clerical Support Specialist
Office (904) 255-7377
Cell (904) 422-8317 - do not give out to clients
Email Anthony@coj.net

Diane Shreve
Office (904) 255-7262
Cell (904) 859-6033
Email dianas@coj.net

John Page is operations manager

$10 to microchip pets at ACPS

Only two types of exemption for rabies tags.
1. 62 years or older
2. 100 % disabled
Send verification (photo ID for age or disability #)
Any question - send to ACPS

Mixed breed not an acceptable form of ID. Can be lab mix, terrier mix, etc.

If someone is new to town without rabies info, send to ACPS at Forest St.

NO new update on 3 year license.  City Council did not approve last time.
Tony has no idea when it will be back on the  agenda.
He told us to contact city council members.

ACPS will start sending out reminders and citations soon. Hasn't done it yet.

Will be able to pay on internet soon.

Send client to ACPS for replacement tags.  They can renew when they expire.
Didn't recommend sending to tax collector.

When I asked about compliance of stand-alone clinics vs. mobile clinics, I was told that mobile clinics are 100% compliant.
I asked if any of them were audited, he said no. He said that they send in their fees, but no way to tell if they are sending in declined forms.
Same is true for stand alone clinics. Owners of Pet Shots Cheap said they require it but don't make them buy it.
Reporting licensing non-compliance is a state regulation.  It is done in good faith.

No breaks for unemployed
Rescues in Duval County have to purchase a license.  No exceptions.
Feral cats must have ear tipped, then you don't have to pay license.
Medical exemptions from rabies vaccine - must send in letter of exemption each year.  Still has to pay $20 for tag.

Handle refunds in house before you mail in monthly invoices.

Can email or fax for supplies. Tony will be mailing forms and tags from now on. He is too busy to drive to each clinic.

Dr. Tiffany Mosley