JVMS Business Meeting: May 6, 2010

Thank you to Dr. Sutliff for appetizers tonight.

A noted guest tonight is Dr. Bob Carrs, Dean of the University Of Missouri College Of Veterinary Medicine for 10 yrs. He is a guest of Dr. McKnight’s.

Dr. Carrs is a 1954 Cornell graduate. He worked internationally with USDA.

He has lived in St Augustine for 10 yrs.

No new members

Old Business:

Dr Sutliff: FVMA state conference in Tampa was well attended.

Legislative session ended a few days ago with a good outcome.

The sales tax exemption is trying to be taken it away, possibly for prescription diets.

It is separated from other medical services and therefore more vulnerability for sales taxes.

An accordance opposed by FVMA with unlimited funding for any organization claiming Humane society spay neuters without income verification  did not pass.

An amendment to the pet lemon law for genetic disorders did not pass.

Interns and residents not directly licensed in the state did pass and is beneficial for the university.

The unlawful slaughter of horses is on the governor’s desk until 15nth of the month to sign. It has already passed in the senate.

The bill to outlaw sexual activity with animals failed to pass due to attachments to the bill.

In an effort to keep up with revenue issues, charging sales tax on prescription diets should be decided soon.

At the Tampa meeting attendance was up. The conference returns to Orlando in April next year and Tampa the following year.

Congratulations to Rick Williams who was elected FVMA treasurer.

Taxes for services and medications may be coming up next year!

New Business:

Please be informed that Foster military pets.com is a program to help those in the military keep their pets by enabling them to find quality foster homes for their pets while they are on deployments. Please consider this for your military clients as well as those clients who may be willing to foster pets.

Committee Reports:

Continuing Education:

The next CE is at the Crown Plaza June 6.  Antech is the sponsor and the speaker is also from Antech. The topic is internal medicine.

Christmas Party:

There will be an email or website vote on a date for party.

The University club will be the site for the Christmas party.

Ethics Committee: Dr Acree: no news

Dr Acree lost his son recently and contributions to safe animal shelter can be made in his memory. There will be a plaque from JVMS also an exercise area and garden. If you would like to make a donation, please mail it directly to the shelter.

Animal Care and Control/Humane Society/FCNMHP Committee: Dr McKnight

The question was brought up asking what the impact by nonprofit organizations has been on private practices, specifically regarding FCNMHP.

This topic has been discussed at last several meetings.  FCNMHP seems to be impacting those clinics closer in geographic location (Dr Swanns brought up the concern because it specifically has impacted his practice).

They are licensed by the state as a full veterinary hospital and can charge for procedures.

The City of Jacksonville loaned them money to start their facility.

Does FCNMHP do surgery for free? This is unsure and their charges were initially based on income.

Trust Fund: Dr Cromer

No new information

Treasurer Report: Cindy Miller

Cindy is not here because she is still recovering from three consecutive major surgeries. We wish her well.

Zoo animal health meeting:

This meeting is quarterly and involves the animal health committee and Morbidity and Mortality report. The JVMS standing president is invited to attend the meetings and a few past presidents have stayed on as well. Specialists have given input at the meetings as well. The next meeting is May 13 at the zoo at 6:30pm.

There have been some unique donation requests by the zoo for enrichment purposes which include odors (perfumes) in particular. Dr Kapustan will report back on any other donation requests and put them on the JVMS website.

Awards Committee: Rick Sutliff

JVMS Members received awards

There was no coffee at the morning meetings at the FVMA CE meeting. Dr Snyder thinks there should be coffee!

Dr Snyder: special request

New business: Dr. John Bass of Daytona is running for FVMA president and was previously a two term treasurer for FVMA.

There was a motion for JVMS to support him for president and the motion passed with none opposed.

University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine program:

The Dean circle of Excellence program is based on the Auburn model.

The fundraiser has three levels of commitment:

$5,000;$ 10,000 and $20,000 levels

It is a tax deductible donation.

Closing Comments:

Dr Silverness thanked the members for their dedication and coming to meetings.

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine commencement ceremony is May 29.

Dr. Snyder is receiving an award for outstanding support and service for the University Of Florida College Of Veterinary Medicine.

The minutes from the March JVMS business meeting were voted on and accepted.