JVMS Business Meeting Minutes - May 8th, 2014

I. Meeting called to order - Dr. James Mosley

II. Introduction of guests - Dr. Cindy Miller

III.Acceptance of January minutes - Dr. James Mosley

       -We need nominations to fill the Secretary position.

IV. Treasure’s Report - Dr. Cindy Miller.  We need nominations to fill the Treasure position.

-Quickbooks online fee structure discussed and approved

V. Committee Reports

A. FVMA - Dr. Rick Sutliff

-Summary handout provided by Dr. Grant McMillian

-Gold Star recipients: Dr. Brad Mackenzie and Dr. Tim Holloway

-Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Shores

-Bill passed to reinstate the tax exempt status of veterinary prescription diets

B. Trust Fund committee - Dr. David Cromer (absent)

C. Bylaws committee - Dr. Russ Snyder

D. Holiday Party committee - SEVO+

E. C.E. committee - Dr. Mitch Crystal

- see provided handout for upcoming C.E.

F. Website / Social Media committee - Dr. Katrina Toshach / Dr. Cindy Miller

G. Membership committee - Dr. Mitch Crystal / Dr. Cindy Miller

Dr. Caroline Melloy

Dr. Britany Benson - Timberlake (Banfield)

Dr. Alana Canupp

Dr. Barbara Stuart (Relief Vet)

Dr. Janice Goode (SARVEC)

Dr. Michael Deutsch (Pet Doctors of America)

Dr. Dennie Bassham (Bassham Veterinary Hospital)

Dr. Randy Jacobson (North Orange Veterinary Hospital)

Dr. Stephen Grigsby (Harbor City Animal Hospital)

Dr. Christine Grigsby (Harbor City Animal Hospital)

Dr. Elizabeth Lane (Harbor City Animal Hospital)

H. Awards committee - Dr. Rick Sutliff

I. Ethics/Peer Review committee - Dr. Howard Acree / Dr. Rick Sutliff

J. ACPS liaison committee - Dr. Jay Erne / Dr. Robin Chambers

- Dr. Nick Kapustin will contact new ACPS leadership to set foundation for future discussions as well as invite to future meetings.

- Nikki Harris is the new chief.

K. JHS update - Dr. Lauren Rockey (absent)

L. University of Florida update - Not in attendance / Dr. Russ Snyder

- Proposed that Dean’s Circle of Excellence funds hire a new fund raiser with the goal of setting up endowment fund to help develop scholarships and reduce student debt.

VI. Old Business

VII. New Business

         -Looking for volunteers to fill the officer positions of Secretary and Treasurer.  Dr. Britany Benson-Timberlake accepts officer position of Secretary.

-Local news station partnering with JVMS on microchipping event.

-Dr. Britany Timberlake would like to discuss something with the present members.  See handout provided.

-Allowing PowerPoint type presentations by veterinarians at business meetings?

-Working on a JVMS technician C.E. for dentistry and dental radiography.  We will send an email in the near future to gauge interest.

-Issue with email has been resolved for those that may have noticed there was even a problem

-Centrally located PO Box and whether or not it can be forwarded so that we don’t have to keep changing addresses when the Treasurer position changes hands or the Treasurer moves

-North Florida Neurology MRI is up and running.

-Heritage Institute is developing a veterinary technician program, which the JVMS will contact to develop a relationship.

 VII. Meeting adjourned

Dr. James Mosley