JVMS Business Meeting:  Nov 5, 2009

Peer Review/Ethics Committee Chair:

Dr Acree: no new business

Website Committee Chair:

Cindy Miller: website committee Rick Sutliff,  Ann Silverness, Cindy Miller, Mitch Crystal

Website to be password protected due to uploaded material

Topics for message board: special services, list practices or equip for sale, job postings

Pet adoption links

Password: pope

Suggestions for website?

CE Committee Chair:

Dr Winter: JVMS meeting Sunday, Nov 15, need to rsvp today

Holiday Party Committee Chair:

Dr Tracy Ladue: Dec 5 pm Christmas party, rsvp by Nov 7, need head count to help estimate cost

Dr. Silverness gave a mini recap of the Canine Influenza Virus lecture originally given by Dr. Hall on August  19. This was encouraged to be uploaded to the JVMS website for future reference.

Canine Influenza virus:

H3N8 virus

Check infected and healthy housemates

University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine or OK State for virus confirmation

Secondary  pneumonia is one of the main concerns with this virus.

Same at risk population as bordetella for vaccination

GA will mandate vax for all daycares, boarding shelters

Tx gentocin or amikacin nebulization

Respiratory corona very contagious to dogs, cats, humans

Parainfluenza not influenza virus

Bleach is ineffective at killing the virus if over 4 hours from mixing

Trifectant is the ideal

New business:

New members from FCNMHP

There was a discussion about services from FCNMHP from low cost spay neuter to vaccinations to dentistry. It was decided that there should be a meeting between AC &C/HS/FCNMHP Liason Committe Chair Dr Ed McNight and FCNMHP to review their mission statement and address concerns brought up by some members of JVMS that the organization has deviated from their mission statement and is currently offering other services including dentistry and vaccinations. The concern with the FCNMHP offering other services is that it could undermine the services provided by private small animal hospitals and that the organization does receive some government funding for their program.

Currently there is no income basis for walk in clinic at FCNMHP, they offer vaccines and heartworm testing in addition now to limited treatments for hospital and dentistry

The veterinarians for FCNMHP stated that the point is that clients that see FCNMHP have no other options due to finances and it is not a full service clinic.

The mission of FCNMHP is to stop the euthanasia of unwanted pets.

Spay jax is a small part of their budget and they do receive some government funding.

FCNMHP primary goal is to meet expenses.

JVMS members wanted to make sure that the point of views stated here are not against FCNMHP veterinarians but the basics of the business plan for FCNMHP and their mission seems unclear.

20-30 % surgeries at FCNMHP have no owner; it’s about getting animal in that have no other medical care or services

FCNMHP does strongly recommend people use their own vet, no emergency services are available, and no records are kept from other veterinarians.

The dentals performed were a last resort and the only option since the owners would not be able to afford other care for the pets.

The conclusion of this discussion was to set up a committee meeting between Dr. Ed McNight who is the AC and C and Humane Society and FCNMHP Committee Chair and the administrators at FCNMHP to clarify the above issues.

Dr. Dan Jakobi with Sanford Brown Veterinary Technician Program

The first class starts March tentatively.

Initial accreditation through state of Florida is in  process for the program.

The program will need affiliate private practices for student preceptorships.

If your practice is interested in providing a preceptorship please see him.

Sanford Brown cannot solicit students until they have state approval for their program.

Length of program: 18 month program

Teaching opportunities available

Natalie Hashey