JVMS Meeting Minutes – November 5th 2016, Deerwood Country Club

Minutes by Mitch Crystal (Secretary / Dr. Britany Timberlake unable to attend)

I.                    Introduction of Guests:  Ms. Chris Webber (SEVO), Dr. John Dyce (AVS)

II.                  Committee Reports

a.      Social Committee (SEVO / Ms. Webber):

i.      Holiday Luau Party Postponed due to lack of interest (only 5 RSVPs and most of those were SEVO and AVS); Ms. Webber asked for input about how to improve the interest; Dr. Crystal pointed out that the bylaws were changed to a social committee with the purpose of having 2 or 3 smaller social events of various types and less expense to help address this. Ms. Webber requested input to help with this party (as we have deposits and commitments to the location and the sponsors, so it needs to be rescheduled); Ms. Webber will research open dates (exclude conferences, CE meetings, local Jax events, etc.) and present several at the January 2016 JVMS business meeting for the members to consider and decide on – a survey (via email or survey monkey) will be considered to help in member selection of date/time.

ii.      Dr. Crystal reported that Wells Fargo is interested in sponsorship of JVMS social events; he will give contact information to the new social committee.

iii.      Need committee chair / members

1.      Rebecca Williams agreed to serve on committee (decline chair position).

2.      Grant McMillian to be contacted by Dr. Rebecca Williams to possibly serve – she will see if he will chair.

3.      Other members still needed.

b.      Treasurer Report – Craig Price reports all is good; he is still organizing the accounts and reviewing the best type of financial reporting going forward.

c.       Website / Social Media Committee – Cindy Miller reports progress is ongoing with the new www site; she discussed some of the items already completed; Dr. Crystal reported that a goal of more automaticity for member list upkeep and integration with other areas (dues and other payments, CE and business meeting announcements, etc.); Drs. Miller and Crystal confirmed that the www site will operate like typical www sites – everyone will set their own personal password and update their own information each year when the pay dues, and they will be able to change their password when desired.

d.      Membership – Cindy Miller and Mitch Crystal

i.      New members: Joan Sylvester (Island Animal hospital), Justin Fife (San Marco Animal Hospital), Page Gordon (relief).

ii.      2016 dues is due by January 1, 2016 - $75.

e.      CE Committee – Mitch Crystal – report provided

i.      Next JVMS CE – 11/8/15 Hot Breakfast – renal disease, SDMA, tick diseases; sponsor Idexx, speakers from Idexx (Dr. Bryan Rothlein) and UNF (Dr. Kerry Clark)

ii.      Grand rounds dates (Wednesdays) – 1/6/16, 6/6/16, 7/6/16, 10/12/16

iii.      First 2016 JVMS CE – Sunday Hot Breakfast 2/21/15 – sponsor = Antech, speaker Dr. Jim Meinkoth – hematology, clinical pathology, cytology

f.        FVMA – Rick Sutliff:

i.      FVMA Annual CE meeting – Tampa 4/2016

ii.      Rick Williams will now run for AVMA Alternate Delegate rather than FVMA President-Elect; he has already stepped in to this position to replace Dr. Stephen Shores who has stepped down due to his battle with cancer. JVMS will draft a letter to the FVMA/AVMA to support Dr. Williams (Rick Sutliff will advise as appropriate / allowed).

iii.      Other organized medicine items

1.      Prescription bill still in Washington DC; AVMA trying to indefinitely stall bill in committee but continued support from strong pharmacies (e.g., Wal Mart) still exists. All should write letters to congress and give donations to PAC to help defeat bill.

2.      Proposal from Miami mayor to have a veterinary school at FIU; issue is in very early stages – he will keep us posted.

3.      UF – our 5 year / $5,000 ($1,000/year;) commitment to Dean Circle of Excellence is ending this year; UF would like us to commit to another 5 year $5,000 donation and they would escalate our membership to the next level; motion by Dr. McKnight to commit to another 5 years ($1,000/year)/ $5,000 for the Deans Circle of Excellence, seconded by Dr. Crystal; motion passed unanimously.

g.      Trust Fund – David Cromer – nothing to report.

h.      Awards – Rick Sutliff – award nominations due in January; submit names and support to Dr. Sutliff within the next 2 months.

i.        Ethics/ Peer Review – Rick Sutliff – no activity.

j.        ACPS – Jay Erne and Robin Chambers: not present.

k.       JHS – Lauren Rockey: not present.

III.                Old Business

a.      Need to update By-Laws to include amended items

i.      Dr. Crystal to send Dr. Miller info to update By Laws to be posted on www site; officers & members can download copy as needed.

ii.      Brief discussion about open JVMS President-Elect position; no interested persons at meeting; topic tabled until next meeting.

IV.               Approval of July & September meeting minutes – motion (Dr. Crystal) second (Sutliff), unanimously approved.

V.                 New Business

a.      Tom Gowen’s daughter passed away – motion (Dr. Crystal, second Dr. McKnight) for $100 donation to American Cancer Society – approved unanimously.

b.      Community Outreach (Charity Committee)

i.      Grant McMillian & Britany Timberlake have been working on a few items; neither were in attendance but form and initial info regarding City Rescue Mission Supper Club provided; will discuss at next upcoming meeting.

ii.      Dr. Crystal suggested that members have other family members consider participating in JVMS charitable events (some middle and high school students are required to have volunteer hours for certain organizations, e.g., NJHS/NHS, etc.

iii.      Dr. Rebecca Williams presented information (handout provided) about JVMS Toy Drive for Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital; handout details wish list and guidelines; participating clinics should set toy collection deadline 12/15/15, then clinics should contact Dr. Williams

[641-8685, rebeccawilliams21@comcast.net] and/or Grant McMillian [733-5022, dr_kmc@bellsouth.net] for coordinating pick up or delivery to then bring to Wolfson’s; contact Grant or Rebecca with any questions.

iv.      Dr. Sutliff suggested the JVMS consider an animal related charitable cause such as providing care for pets of the homeless. Many ideas were discussed including but not limited to: contacting sources to help define best way to proceed (e.g., Sulzbacher Center, City Rescue Mission, Gainesville DVMs who have established similar program (Dr. Dale Kaplan-Stein), marketing / PR for the JVMS, etc. Several members volunteered to serve on committee/task force to proceed with this event: Natalie Hashey, Craig Price, Mark Walker, Kevin Drygas.

c.       Next JVMS meeting

i.      Thursday, 1/14/16 – location TBD

ii.      Not presented at meeting, but tentative dates for all 2016 business meetings:

1.      Thursday January 14

2.      Thursday April 14

3.      Thursday July 14

4.      Thursday October 6

VI.               Meeting adjourned

Dr. Mitch Crystal