JVMS Business Meeting Agenda November 7th, 2013
I . Meeting called to order - Dr. James Mosley
II.. Introduction of guests/new member - Dr. Cindy Miller - Drs. Stuart James, Jacob Vencil, Kim Doran, Jennifer Vencil, Kristen Kultgen-Dominguez, Sara Shepard, Jennifer Darby, Herbert Nicholas, Eric Searcy, Sheila Lopez, Kevin Eastman, Sara Bledsoe, Bruce Tyler, Jennifer Long, Darlene Eslick, Jeff Woods, Kimberly Mueller, Michael Dresse. and Pamela Kaser.

III. Acceptance of September minutes - Dr. Tiffany Mosley
IV. Treasure's Report - Dr. Cassy Beaudoin
V. Committee Reports
A. FVMA conmaittee - Dr. Rick Sutliff
B. Trust Fund conmiittee - Dr. David Cromer
C. Holiday Party coromittee - SEVO+
D. C.E. comonittee - Dr. Mitch Crystal
Date: Sunday December 8, 2013
Topic: Radiology - thoracic and abdominal radiographic interpretation and interactive
case discussions
Sponsors: Sound - Eklin
Presenters: Bill Homof, DVM, DACVR; Reid Tyson, DVM, DACVR
Event: Breakfast & 5 hour Florida/Georgia approved CE program
Location: Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront
Time: 7:30am breakfast, 8:00am program begins
Notes: RSVP to mitch@nfvs.com by Thursday 12/6/13 noon; free to JVMS members, $55 to
Date: Wednesday January. 8,2014
Topic: Grand Rounds - Anesthesia & Clinical Cases
Sponsors: Novartis & The Veterinary Specialty Group
Presenters: RobinHopwood, DVM, PhD, DACVTM (hitemal Medicine),NorthFlorida
Veterinary Specialists; Carolyn McKune, DVM, DACVA; Jay Eme, DVM, DACVS, Affihated
Veterinary Specialists Jacksonville; Kevin Benjamino, DVM, DACVS, Affiliated Veterinary
Specialists Orange Park
Event: Dinner & 3 hour Florida/Georgia approved CE program
Location: Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel, 10605 Deerwood Park Blvd
Time: 6:15pm-9:30pm
Notes: Free to all, RSVP required (via AVS), more information as date approaches
E. Website coromittee - Dr. Cindy Miller
F. Membership committee - Dr. Cindy Miller
G. Awards committee - Dr. Rick Sutliff
H. Ethics/Peer Review committee - Dr. Howard Acree
L ACPS haison conmiittee - Dr. Jay Eme
J. Sanford Brown update - Dr. Gosche . r
K. JHS update - Dr. Broadhurst
L. University of Florida update - Dr. Nicoletti or Dr. Snyder
VI. Old Business
VII. New Business
1. Plaque presentation to Dr. Tim Holloway for his services a:s JVMS president for year
2. Proposed Coromittee member additions:
Officers: • ^
President-elect: Nomination of ???
Chair: Dr. David Cromer
Chair: Dr. Rick Sutliff
Members: Dr. Howard Acree
ACPS/HS Liaison:
Chair: Dr, Jay Eme
Members: Dr. Robin Chambers, Rene Cinque, and Sue Summers
Chair: Dr. Russ Snyder
Momboxs: Dr. Roxanne Cheek
Continuing Education:
Chair: Dr. Mitch Crystal
Members: Dr. Kevin Benj amino
Holiday Party:
Chair: Dr. Tracy LaDue
Members: Dr. Jennifer Locke, Dr. Karen Brown, Dr. Katrina Toshach
Chair: Dr. Cindy Miller
Members: Dr. Tiffany Mosley, Dr. Cassy Beaudom, Dr. Mitch Crystal
EtMcs/Peer Review:
Chair: Dr. Howard Acree
Members: Dr. Rick SutliEf, Dr. Robert Gordon, Dr. Amy Hall, Dr. Michael Bredehoeft
Chair: Dr. David Cromer
Website:. . :
Chair: Dr. Cmdy Miller
Members: Dr. Ann Silverness
3. JVMS Photographer?
4. JVMS Facebook (Page and Group)

Dr. James Mosley