JVMS Business Meeting – November 8th, 2012

I. Meeting called to order – Dr. Tim Holloway
II. Introduction of guests/new member – Dr. Miller
Kristen Jones
Erin Bendick
Shanna Knight
Michele Nelligan
Kathleen Ranalli
Joon Im
Allison O'Kell
Ricardo Irizarry
III. Acceptance of September minutes – Dr. Tiffany Mosley
IV. Treasure’s Report – Dr. Beaudoin
V. Committee Reports
A. FVMA committee – Dr. Sutliff
1. FVMA has moved to new location. Visit the website at www.fvma.org for further information
2. FL Board of Veterinary Medicine meeting was held December 4th, 2012 in Fernandina
B. Trust fund committee – Dr. Cromer (absent)
C. Holiday Party committee – Dr. Hardie (absent)
1. Mardi Gras Party on 2/9/13 at University Club
D. CE committee – Dr. Crystal
1. Date: Wednesday January 2012 (date to be determined)
Topic: Grand Rounds, Clinical Case Presentations
Sponsors: The Veterinary Specialty Group
Presenters: Doctors from North Florida Veterinary Specialists, Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, Animal Eye Clinic, North Florida Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery, Animal Friends Dermatology Service
Event: Dinner & 2 hour CE program
Location: The Veterinary Specialists Hospital, Orange Park Office
Time: 6:30pm

2. Date: Sunday March 17th, 2012
Topic: Feline Medicine
Sponsors: Boehringer Ingelheim
Presenters: Gary Norsworthy DVM, DACVP
Event: Breakfast & ± 4 hour CE program
Location: Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront
Time: 7:30am breakfast, 8:00am program begins

E. Website committee – Dr. Miller/Dr. Silverness: Nothing new to report
F. Membership committee – Dr. Miller (see new members list above)
G. University of Florida update – Nothing new to report
H. Awards/Peer review committee – Dr. Sutliff/Dr. Acree: Nothing new to report
I. ACPS liaison committee – Dr. Erne: Nothing new to report
J. Sanford Brown update – Dr. Gosche
1. Upcoming graduation
K. JHS update – Dr. Broadhurst (Absent)
VI. New Business

A. New location for the business meetings was discussed. Starting with the January 2013 meeting, the meetings will now be held at the River Club atop the Wells Fargo building until further notice. For more information you can contact Dr. Tiffany Mosley @ ufdogdr@yahoo.com. If there are any JVMS members that are current members of the University club, please contact Dr. Tiffany Mosley. Having a member would allow us to continue to have our business meetings at the current venue without excessive fees.

B. Discussion about dues and changing the way in which members pay them (PayPal) for convenience.

IX. Meeting adjourned
Dr. Tiffany Mosley, Secretary

Dr. Tiffany Mosley