JVMS Minutes – October 27th, 2016, Epping Forest

  1. Introduction of Guest
    1. Dr. Andre Shih from Capital Veterinary Specialists was introduced to the group.
    2. Dr. Jim Pennington, JoAnn Winn and Patricia Wlasuk from the University of Florida were in attendance as guests of the JVMS
  2. Approval of July Meeting Minutes – A motion was made to approve the July meeting minutes by Mitch Crystal, they were seconded by Britany Timberlake.  They were passed
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Social / Charitable Outreach  - Rebecca Williams
      1. They are holding a Scrub Drive for the City Rescue Mission – When the homeless come in they are given a pair of clean scrubs to wear while their clothes are being washed.  When they leave they return the scrubs.  They are in need of more scrubs.  Please donate your old gently used clean scrubs.  Trying to get these in by November 14th.
      2. Painting Party at Yes You Canvas sponsored by Henry Schein.  Open to veterinarians.  Dinner included.  Spouses are able to attend, but they will not be covered by Henry Schein.  The cost for non veterinary spouses would be $40.  25 spots.
      3. December 17th Candy Cane class at Sweet Petes.  Open to associate veterinarians and their children.  Sponsored by Wells Fargo.  Only 15 spots available.
      4. January 29th Blue Bamboo cooking class with master Chef Dennis Open to veterinarians.  Spouses can go, but will not be covered by sponsor – they will cost $65.  Sponsor is MWI.  20 spots available
      5. We will be doing the Wolfson’s Toy Drive again this year.  More information to follow.
    2. Treasurer Report – Dr. Craig Price Please pay dues either by mail in or online (preferred)
    3. Website / Social Media – Dr. Cindy Miller
      1. Please login to website to be sure you are good to go with your access; if you have issues, click on the link (available at the top of each page) that reads “JVMS members having trouble with log in click here”.
      2. Let all veterinarians in your practice or others members that you know to confirm to go on and www site access
      3. If you are with a group that the office manager replys and pays please give them your log in information so that they can RSVP and pay for the spots through pay pal
    4. Membership Committee Dr. Miller
      1. Motion made to accept new members by Dr. Crystal, 2nd by Dr. Timberlake
        motion passed

        1. Melissa Hartmann
        2. Carla Rodriguez
        3. Gary Shelton
        4. Erin Schellinger
        5. Sharon Tennenbaum
        6. Andre Shih
    5. CE Committee – Dr. Mitch Crystal
      1. See CE Committee Report – please RSVP on time (through website)
      2. All JVMS CE meetings require RSVP via our www site. Please be sure you are up to date on dues and can login and access the site so you can RSVP.
      3. “The Big One”  is coming – please go ahead and login and RSVP now to save your spot
    6. FVMA- Dr. Rick Sutliff
      1. Several large issues going on right now.  One is that there is a lawsuit against a veterinarian resulting from the loss of a pet.  This was dismissed with predjudice which means that it can be retried.  The suit involved pain and suffering damages.  The attorneys for the plaintiff are working against animals being deemed as property so that pain and suffering charges can be applied.  This could have very serious effects as we know it currently.
      2. There is a group out of South Florida that is developing diagnostic Kisosks that are available for telemedicine consults.  They are staffed by a veterinary technician (does not have to be certified).  Owners are able to bring in their pets and have a technician perform a basic physical exam and then the veterinarians are able to make a diagnosis and prescribe medications.  FVMA is working diligently against this.  Please donate to the FVMA PAC to help fund what we are trying to accomplish to preserve our practice act and our profession.
    7. Trust Fund – Dr. David Cromer: report/statement given to treasurer
    8. Awards – Dr. Sutliff
      1. Presentation of Honorary Member plaque to Dr. Robert Gordon
      2. Gold Star Ward Nominations Needed
    9. Ethic / Peer Review Dr. Sutliff
    10. ACPS – Dr. Erne: nothing to report
    11. JHS – Dr. Hill: nothing to report
  4. Old Business
    1. Jax Forgotten Loved Pets (Dr. Hashey not present) - We still have 65 vaccines left if we can come up with 2 people to get it going Dr. Hashey said she would help guide them.  Salvation Army is looking to host it again.
    2. New Jax Zoo doctor – Dr. Meredith Persky. Dr. Timberlake talked with prior/departed Jax Zoo veterinarian Dr. Adrienne Atkins about setting up contact with her – communication efforts are still in progress; email perskym@jacksonvillezoo.org; has anyone had contact / met Dr. Persky? Dr. Dujo has consulted with her a couple of times and would be willing to help get a communication going.
  5. New Business
    1. University of Florida update:  There is a company off of Shark Tank that they reached out to in order to get Cadaver Models (were passed around) very lifelike in look and feel for organs such as spleen and intestine.  They also discussed the JVMS Emergency Loan Fund that we have in place and what they have used it for.
    2. 2017 JVMS business meeting dates (Thursdays) : 1/19/17, 4/6/17, 7/6/17, 10/5/17
    3. Items from Attendees
  6. Officer Elections
    1. President: Dr. Stan Hill
    2. President Elect:
    3. Treasurer: Dr. Craig Price
    4. Secretary: Dr. Britany Timberlake
    5. Thank you to outgoing president Dr. Brad Mackenzie and changing of the guard:  The motion was made by Dr. Crystal to accept the Officer elections as they stood.  Dr. Sutliff second the motions.  No opposition was met
  7. Adjourn
  8. The past presidents had a short meeting after the adjournment of the meeting as per the bylaws.