JVMS Minutes – October 4 th, 2018 at Epping Forest

  1. Introduction of Guest
  2. Approval of July Meeting Minutes
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Social / Charitable Outreach – Dr. Rebecca Williams
    2. Treasurer Report – Dr. Craig Price  (see report)
    3. Website / Social Media – Dr. Cindy Miller chair /Dr. Katie Green
    4. Membership Committee – Dr. Cindy Miller
    5. CE Committee – Dr. Mitch Crystal
    6. FVMA- Dr. Rick Sutliff - Dr. Williams was present and gave the FVMA update.  Made a call to support the FVMA even with small donations.  Get involved.
    7. Trust Fund – Dr. David Cromer
    8. Awards – Dr. Rick Sutliff;
    9. Ethic / Peer Review – Dr. Sutliff
    10. ACPS – Dr. Erne Not present Dr. Kyra would be taking over the ACPS updates.
    11. JHS – Dr. Stan Hill / Katie Green
  4. Old Business
    1. Updates on partnership with the Duval County Medical Society (DCMS) for mental health Counseling and suicide prevention and awareness- Dr. Erin Cann and Dr. Natalie Hashey
    2. How to get more information on people joining.
      1. Survey
      2. Discussed a motion to have the meetings sponsored.
        1. Motion was made by Dr. Britany Timberlake, there was discussion about it, but it was seconded by Dr. Brad MacKenzie to allow sponsorships on a limited basis.  They would be allowed a short time at the beginning of the meeting and at the end, but not be allowed for the business part. This would be for all meetings and activities except for the Annual Business Meeting.  This motion passed.  There was discussion about there being more social events and less meetings due to the change in times.  More of a social time.  Ideas included mini sessions, practice owner meetings, Ball Games, Top Golf etc either partial or full sponsorship.
  5. New Business
    1.  2018 Dinner Meeting Dates:  1/10/19; 4/11/19; 7/11/19; 10/3/19
    2. Items from Attendees – Discussed the use of the new mental health program.
    3. Dr. Coral Turman Update – Craig Price was able to update on the situation.
  6. Election of Officers
    1. President  - Dr. Katie Green
    2. President Elect -  Dr. Kyra
    3. Treasurer – Dr. Craig Price
    4. Secretary – Dr. Britany Timberlake
  7. Election of Board of Directors
    1. Dr. Erin Cann, Dr. Kyra, Dr. Stan Miller, Dr. Mitch Crystal, Dr. Britany Timberlake, Dr. Brad MacKenzie

      The Bylaws state:

      Article V Board of Directors

      Section 1 - The Board of Directors shall be elected annually at the annual meeting of the Society. It is recommended, but not mandatory, that the Board consist of the past four Presidents of the Society.

      Section 2 - The Board of Directors, hereafter called the Board, shall be the administrative body of the Society. It shall be charged with carrying out the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation.

      Section 3 - The newly elected president shall call, during the annual business meeting of the Society, a meeting of the Board to immediately follow the Society meeting. At this annual meeting of the Board it shall be the responsibility of its members to elect a chairman. The chairman of the Board shall preside at all meetings of the Board. His/her tenure of office is for one year and he/she may serve no more than three consecutive terms.

      Section 4 - The Board shall execute such other duties as the Society shall direct.

  8. Passing of the Gavel to New President – Katie Green
  9. Adjourn