JVMS Annual Business Meeting
September 10, 2009
Meeting held at 7pm at the Epping Forest Yacht Club.

Dr. Sutliff called the meeting to order.

Scott Trebatoski, Division Chief for Animal Protective Services

Scott thanked the JVMS for all of their help this past year.  He emphasized that due to budget cuts, evening and weekend field services would most likely be eliminated.  He also stressed that although we have doubled our live release rate from this time last year, we will soon run out of money for additional treatments if the live release rate continues to increase.  Because of huge deficit issues, certain medical services may have to be discontinued i.e. heartworm treatment.  If the veterinary community hears potentially false information about the organization, Scott urged the JVMS to contact him or one of the staff veterinarians for clarification.  He also urged the JVMS to bear with us and to help us to dispel any rumors or myths about the organization.

Scott also reiterated that there has never been a cap on the number of pets that an individual is permitted to own, as long as they are being cared for properly.  He noted that the confusion may have originated from the fact that seniors and disabled individuals are permitted to have up to three free pet licenses.

Dr. Nicoletti’s Report

The CVM was treated rather kindly by the budget process and suffered fewer cuts than any other college on campus.  The dean has negotiated with Ross University to increase the number of senior students coming from Ross to a total of 30.  Their entry times of participation would be staggered.  The proposed tuition is $37,500 for the year of study.  The construction of the new small animal hospital is progressing well with a target completion of one year.  The project is on time and budget.  Dr. Burrows asked Dr. Nicoletti to announce that the rehabilitation center is accepting referrals.  It includes an underwater treadmill and is under the supervision of Dr. Christin Kirkby.  Hospital (SA and equine) revenues are down approximately 10% according to the dean.  New hires include an additional dermatologist and an oncologist.  Dr. Nicoletti encouraged everyone to read an article in the JAVMA of September 1 which gives much data on starting salaries of various career classes, etc. and he emphasized that the current average debt load upon graduation is $130,000 and increases approximately 15% each year.  He also stated the age of graduates averages 29.  He questioned how long we can continue these trends.  Finally, he stated that the new class of 88 has begun.  The class is 83 percent female.  He emphasized the College is “open for business”.

Mr. Scott Newolet discussed his proposal for a vet tech program at The Sanford-Brown Institute.  This college was founded in Missouri in 1974.  Mr. Newolet, in conjunction with several veterinarians, has designed this program which he intends to launch in ~9 months.  They are currently waiting for accreditation.  The associates degree will take 18 months to complete  and the school will have responsibility for the placement of its students.  The goal is to place 70% of the school’s new graduates.  They will accomplish this by utilizing  the school’s nine Career Services Specialists which serve its 800 students.

The school is also planning to have an advisory board that is obligated to listen to the students and to be actively involved in directing the program.  There will be an emphasis on clinical training so that new graduates are prepared from the very beginning.  The school is currently looking for sites to train students.  In addition, the school is also looking for DVM teachers e.g. specialists or general practitioners.  Mr. Newolet emphasized that he wants this program to be what the veterinarians in the community need.  Tuition is expensive, 29k, but not as expensive as the program in S. Florida.  The cost of tuition will allow the program to be taught by veterinarians rather than vet techs.

Dr. Rick Williams FVMA Report

Recently, the tax collector’s office in Cocoa Beach has been supplying lists of individuals that have vaccinated their pets for rabies to anyone that requests them.  They have also given these lists to a mail order prescription company.  This is completely illegal as these lists are exempt from the sunshine laws.  10 years ago, the FVMA spent ~10k to establish this law.  The Brevard Count tax collector’s office has been ordered to cease and desist.

The board of veterinary medicine will now automatically inspect all hospitals every 2 years without fail.  Dr. Williams emphasized that the board’s inspectors sometimes have to be made aware of what the rules are.  For example, veterinarians are not required to have a sink in every exam room, however, they are required to have a designated sink for the exam rooms.  This sink can not be a bathroom sink.  Inspections will be thorough so be prepared.  There is a $60 charge for these inspections.

FVMA/JVMS Regional Weekend Conference Sunday September 13th    9am-4pm
Topic: Horns of Dilemma—The Legal Implications of Veterinary Ethics Featuring Mr. Douglas Jack, Esq.

The state convention has been moved from Fall to Spring.  It is going to be next April in Tampa on the waterfront.  The AVMA’s national convention was also mentioned.  Dr. Williams also urged everyone to become a member of the FVMA.  It gives Florida veterinarians a lot more power.  Currently, the organization only serves 60-70% of veterinarians in the state.

Committee Reports
Dr. Tracy La Due, on behalf of Dr. Jennifer Winter, gave the CE report

FVMA/JVMS Regional Weekend Conference was on Sunday September 13, 2009 from 9am-4pm.  The topic was “Horns of Dilemma—The Legal Implications of Veterinary Ethics” and featured Mr. Douglas Jack, Esq.

Dr. La Due also announced the following tentative dates and locations for the 2009 Holiday Party:

December 5 or January 2 or 16, these dates are all Saturdays.  The tentative locations include The University Club in downtown Jacksonville.  The event would be held in the Hampton Room which has scenic/majestic views of the Riverplace Tower.  San Sebastian Winery in St. Augustine is also a consideration.  The only drawback to this venue is the drive.  Finally, Jacksonville Golf & Country Club on Hunt Club Road (off Hodges) was also a consideration.  All venues are similarly priced and all have great parking.  The menu would be heavy hors d’oeuvres, similar to last years party at Bella Sera.  Vendors are also eager to participate again as well.  The members present voted to have the Holiday Party on December 5, 2009 at the San Sebastian Winery in St. Augustine.

Dr. Acree, Ethics Committee
Nothing to report

Animal Care and Protective Services
Reported to be “under control”

Dr. Nina Morris was introduced as a new member.  She recently moved from Maine and is currently seeking employment in Jacksonville.  She is available for relief work.  Dr. Kelly Farrell is the new Medical Director for FCNMHP.  Both are planning to become members of the JVMS.  Dr. Cindy Miller agreed to sponsor Dr. Morris and Dr. Farrell’s memberships.

Motion to close old business was also given a second motion.

New Business

JVMS President, Dr. Rick Sutliff, was given an award for his outstanding service to the JVMS. this year.

The New Board Members were nominated and approved.  They are as follows:

Dr. Ann Silverness, President
Dr. Jay Erne, President Elect
Dr. Natalie Hashey, Secretary
Dr. Cindy Miller, Treasurer

Committee Chairs:

Dr. Jennifer Winter, Continuing Education
Dr. E.H. Acree Jr., Ethics/Peer Review
Dr. Tracey La Due, Holiday Party
Dr. Ed McKnight, Animal Care and Protective Services
Dr. Rick Sutliff  Awards Committee
Dr. David Cromer, Trust Fund Committee
Dr. Cindy Miller, Website Committee

The Chair of each committee will now solicit the participation 2 other JVMS members to participate in each individual committee.

Dr. Russell Snyder thanked Dr. Rick Sutliff for the great job that he has done!

Reported by Dr. Kim Niessen.