JVMS Annual Business Meeting Minutes September 11th, 2014

I.  Meeting called to order by Dr. James Mosley

II.  Introduction of guests

III.  Heritage Institute Introductions and handouts.  Looking for a Medical Director, teachers, staff.  Call with any questions

IV.  Acceptance of July's meeting Minutes.  One of the dates was wrong for an upcoming meeting.  It was written as October 18th, but it is October 8th.  Once that was changed.  Minutes were approved.

V.  Treasurer's Report -Dr. Cindy Miller represented.  Still need to fill the position. Nominations were being accepted.  Dr. Katie Stender was in attendance to see if she wanted to fill the position. Made introductions. See handout, Annual dues for 2015 coming due.  These can be paid via check or through the JVMS.org

VI.  Committee Reports

A.  FVMA - Dr. Rick Sutliff, no news on the home front

B.  Trust Fund Committee - Dr.  David Cromer

C.  Bylaws committee - Dr. Russ Snyder, Dr. Roxanne Cheek

D.  Holiday Party Committee - SEVO.  Put out voting cards for the date of the holiday party.  Will tally and let us know at the next meeting.  Please do not vote twice. If you voted at the last meeting please do not vote again.

E.  C.E. Committee - Dr. Mitch Crystal, Dr. Kevin Benjamino, and Dr. Goricki - See handout provided

F.  Website / social media committee - Dr. Toshach and Dr. Miller

G.  Membership Committee announcements - Dr. Mitch Crystal and Dr. Cindy Miller

- Dr. Katherine Daley - OSU '06; Dr. Aniko Takacs - St. George's '10; Dr. Blaber - UF'14; Dr. Melanie Hall - UGA '00

H.  Awards Committee - Dr. Rick Sutliff

I.  Ethics / peer review Committee - Howard, Dr. Rick Sutliff

J.  ACPS Liaison Committee - Looking for volunteers, Introduction of guest Mrs. Nikki Harris as new ACPS director

K.  UF update - Patricia Wlasuk from the Dean's Office, Rachael DiSesa in charge of referring veterinarians CE services at UF and Joann Winn UF CVM Alumni Affairs Coordinator

VII  Old Business - Micro-chipping event, Date is in November for those that are involved, wanting to work with Patterson on a dental CE lab for technicians and potentially veterinarians depending on level of interest

VIII  New Business - Dr. Rod Winchester introduction of Dr. Mark Walker and Dr. Kevin Drygas with Capital Veterinary Associates coming to town; Discussed signage at PetsMart - Dr. TImberlake and Dr. Sutliff spoke that we would need to get more involved in items of this nature, but what would be the best way to do this.

IX  Election of Officers

- President Dr. Tom McNicholas not present - will announce committee chairs at next meeting

- President - elect: looking for nominations

- Secretary: Dr. Timberlake

- Treasurer: Looking for nominations

X Meeting adjourned

Dr. Britany Timberlake