JVMS Minutes for Sept 18th 2008.  Meeting held at the Epping Forest Yacht Club in Mandarin

Dr. Rebecca Williams called the meeting to order.    Last meeting’s minutes were passed out and are available on line at our website (www.jvms.org).

Dr. Cindy Miller, our treasurer was out sick that evening and will present the financials at the following meeting.

Dr. Nicoletti from the University of Florida gave an update.  The expansion is slated to break ground Nov 21st 2008 and their grand opening will be May 2010.  Dr. Hines has been undergoing chemotherapy.  Dr. Harvey will be taking over as the new Assoc. Dean.

Dr. Rick Williams gave a report for the FVMA.  He reiterated that the FVMA conference will be on Oct 3-5th at the Orlando Buena Vista Resort.  Next year it will be in April in Tampa.  The Pharmacy bill was signed , however an exact date as to when the new permitting fees will start is yet unknown.

Dr. Julie Levy and Dr. Cinda Crawford were present from the University of FL.  They are part of a multi University group funded by the Maddies Fund.  The group is in town doing an independent evaluation of the performance of our animal care and control.  Many of the participating doctors were guests this evening.  The U of FL is now offering a new residency program in Shelter Medicine.  They also have plans to offer CE to the local vets both in Gainesville and online.

Dr. Winter stood in for Dr. LaDue to inform us about the next CE event.  It will be on the topic of Neurology.  She also reminded all of our Holiday Party to be held on Sat. Dec. 6th from 7-11 pm at Bella Sera.

Dr. Kapustin reminded us that the Zoo is hosting a “Zoo Amnesty Day” in conjunction with the FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  They are giving people the opportunity to relinquish exotics and wildlife without any penalty for this one day.  The event will be on November 22nd.  They will need the assistance of veterinarians with exotic experience to do cursory exams on the relinquished animals.  If you have any further questions, you can call him at the Zoo, ext 220.

Dr. Rick Sutliff gave a report on the status of the rabies tag issue.  We are still a long way from our end goal.  He requested that a list of participating members be posted on our website.  Any non participating members should be encouraged to join.  He also gave a heart felt thank you to the review committee for their efforts in helping our Animal Care and Control.  Their efforts should be joined by our support as well.   (extra meeting  notes:  Dr’s Sutliff, Silverness, Kapustin and Shelton attended a joint meeting with this group the night before.  Individuals at this meeting included Dr. Jyothi Robinson and Dr. Sandy Newbery from UC Davis, Dr. July Levy from U of FL, and Dr. Brenda Griffin from Cornell)

New officers were announced.

Dr. Rick Sutliff- President

Dr. Ann Silverness- President Elect

Dr. Kimberly Niessen- Secretary

Dr. Cindy Miller- Treasurer

New committee chairs have been selected.  Their names will be posted on the website.

Dr. Silverness