JVMS Annual Business Meeting Minutes - September 5th, 2013

I. Meeting called to order - Dr. James Mosley

II. Introduction of guests/new member - Dr. Cindy Miller (Absent)

Dr. Gaemia Tracy, North Florida Neurology, OSU 2011

Dr. Angela Oswald, Nassau Veterinary Hospital, FL 2011

Dr. Jaime Dunn, Lofton Creek Animal Clinic, Auburn 2007

Dr. Cynthia Bayless Barton, Affiliated Veterinary Emergency Center, Auburn 1999

Dr. Rachel Day-Davis, Ancient City Veterinary Hospital, UF 2011

Dr. Tara Christine Hogan, Relief Veterinarian, CSU 2001

Dr. Shashidhar Galipalli, Baymeadows Animal Hospital

Dr. Jamie Craig, Laurel Oaks Animal Hospital, Michigan State 2012

Dr. Amanda Wodehouse, Animal Care at Twin Lakes Center

Dr. Jodi Harbin, Mobile Veterinary Service of South Georgia, UGA 1989

Dr. Aimee Prause, Texas A&M 2011

III. Acceptance of July minutes - Dr. Tiffany Mosley

IV. Treasure’s Report - Dr. Cassy Beaudoin

V. Committee Reports

A. FVMA committee - Dr. Rick Sutliff

B. Trust fund committee - Dr. Cromer

C. Holiday Party committee - SEVO

D. CE committee - Dr. Crystal


Date:                    Sunday September 15, 2013

Topic:                   Required Florida Law (2 hr), Required Florida Controlled Drug (1 hr); TBD medical topics (2 hr)

Sponsors:           Boehringer Ingelheim, Iam’s, North Beaches Pharmacy

Presenters:         Mike Poland, RPH; Denise E. Farris, Esq.; Dan Green, DVM; [tentative Doug Yanik, MBA, DVM]

Event:                   Breakfast & 5 hour CE program

Location:             Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Riverfront

Time:                    7:15am breakfast, 8:00am program begins

Notes:                  RSVP to mitch@nfvs.com by Thursday noon 9/12/13; free to JVMS members, $55 to non-members; In process of trying to get Georgia approval for this seminar to fulfill Georgia 2 hr Laws, Rules and Professionalism requirement


Date:                     Wednesday October 9, 2013

Topic:                    Grand Rounds –Behavior Part 2 –Feline & Canine Elimination Issues (2 hr); Medical and Surgical Updates (1 hr)

Sponsors:            Zoetis, Merrill Lynch, & The Veterinary Specialty Group

Presenters:        Terry Curtis, DVM, DACVB, UF; Kevin Benjamino, DVM, DACVS Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, & Kim Voisine, DVM, DACVIM North Florida Veterinary Specialists

Event:                   Dinner & 3 hour Florida/Georgia approved CE program

Location:              Sheraton Jacksonville Hotel, 10605 Deerwood Park Blvd

Time:                     6:30pm-9:30pm

Notes:                 free to all, RSVP required –GrandRounds@nfvs.com


E. Website committee - Dr. Miller / Dr. Silverness (Absent)

F. Membership committee - Dr. Miller

G. University of Florida update - Dr. Nicoletti

**Dr. Jim Lloyd - Dean of UF CVM

**Jo Ann Winn

H. Awards/Peer review committee - Dr. Sutliff / Dr. Acree

I. ACPS liaison committee - Dr. Erne (Absent)

J. Sanford Brown update - Dr. Gosche (Absent)

K. JHS update - Dr. Broadhurst (Absent)

VI. Old Business

VII. New Business

A. Dr. Pete Veling - AAFP Guidelines

VIII. Election of Officers

A. Closing comments by Dr. McMillan and introduction of new president

1.     Plaque presentation to Dr. Tim Holloway for his services as JVMS                                                                                                                       president for year 2012-2013 (Absent)

2.     Dr. James Mosley - incoming president for year 2013-2014

3.     Officers for year 2013-2014 are as follows:


President: Dr. James Mosley

President-elect: Available

Secretary: Dr. Tiffany Mosley

Treasurer: Dr. Cassy Beaudoin



Chair: Dr. David Cromer



Chair: Dr. Rick Sutliff

Members: Dr. Howard Acree

ACPS/HS Liaison:

Chair: Dr. Jay Erne

Members: Dr. Robin Chambers


Chair: Dr. Russ Snyder


Continuing Education:

Chair: Dr. Mitch Crystal

Members: Dr. Kevin Benjamino

Holiday Party:

Chair: Dr. Tracy LaDue

Members: Dr. Jennifer Locke


Chair: Dr. Cindy Miller

Members: Dr. Tiffany Mosley, Dr. Cassy Beaudoin, Dr. Mitch Crystal

Ethics/Peer Review:

Chair: Dr. Howard Acree

Members: Dr. Rick Sutliff

Trust Fund:

Chair: Dr. David Cromer



Chair: Dr. Cindy Miller

Members: Dr. Ann Silverness




VII. Meeting adjourned

Dr. Tiffany Mosley