Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society
Annual Business Meeting
September 8, 2011
Epping Forest Yacht Club

I. Meeting called to order
II. Acceptance of minutes from July business meeting
1. A motion was made and seconded and the minutes were accepted
1. New Members (all present)
i. Dr. Erin Hatcher
ii. Dr. Sara Shepard
iii. Dr. Greg Wolf
1. Treasurer’s Report:  Dr. Heidi Chupp
i. The current balance sheet was distributed for review
ii. 2012 JVMS dues should be remitted to Dr. Heidi Chupp starting in January.  Dues will remain at $50.
2. Secretary:  Dr. Laura Kelsey
i. No update
3. FVMA Update:  Dr. Rick Sutliff
i. The FVMA, together with the JVMS, is sponsoring a CE meeting in two weeks, on Sunday, September 18 at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Jacksonville.
ii. A formal FVMA meeting was held recently in Orlando
1. A bill was filed and a sponsor obtained.  Details are not available at this time.
2. Dr. Sutliff urges us all to consider contributing to the Veterinary Political Action Committee (details on FVMA website).
iii. The FVMA is in good financial shape.
iv. The FVMA website (www.fvma.org) has been recently updated.
1. One of the new features:  A lawyer, Ed Bayo, is available to answer questions at no charge—a really great resource.
v. The Department of Agriculture has turned over any questions about pet health certificates to the veterinary board.  There is a minimum fine of $1500 for those found in violation.
1. Make sure you know how these are to be filled out!
4. CE Committee:  Dr. Mitch Crystal (not present, update given by Dr. Mark Walker)
i. Sept 14—Grand Rounds in Orange Park
ii. Sept 18—JVMS Regional CE Meeting
1. Held in conjunction with the FVMA
2. Location:  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jacksonville, FL
3. Topic:  Creating a World Class Service Organization
4. Speakers:  Mr. Dennis Snow, Mr. Edwin Bayo, Esq., and Dr. Kent Kruse
iii. Nov 6—JVMS Regional CE Meeting
1. Topic:  Clinical Pathology and Cytology
2. Speakers: Drs. Jim Meinkoth and Joe Leeth
a. Dr. Meinkot will also be at NFVS Southside the week after the meeting to teach clin path in a case-based approached.  Please contact Dr. Crystal if interested.
iv. November 16
1. Topic—Theraputic Laser Therapy
2. Speakers—David Bradley
v. Late Feb/Early March, 2012—JVMS Regional CE Meeting
1. Topic:  Soft Tissue Sarcomas
2. Speakers:  Drs. Phil Kass and Brad Schmidt
5. Holiday Party Committee:  Dr. Nicole Hardie/Dr. Steve Hart
i. Holiday Party to be held on Saturday, Dec 10 at the Aetna Riverfront Building
6. Website Committee:  Dr. Cindy Miller
i. Previous security problems (that you could google search the membership address list) have been fixed
ii. Please look at the email and address lists on the website to make sure your email address and other information is correct.  Let Cindy know if there are changes to your information.
7. University of Florida
i. College of Veterinary Medicine Report—presented by Dr. Paul Nicoletti, professor emeritus
1. Greetings from Dean Hoffsis, who was unable to attend this evening
2. Guests—Patricia Wlasuk and Jo Ann Winn from Alumni Affairs
3. New class—100 students (80 FL residents, 20 non-residents)
a. There were 316 qualified applicants for this class.
4. The new small animal hospital opened in November, 2010.  Dean Hoffsis says its finest SA Hospital in the world.
a. There was enough money left over from the hospital construction (due to decreased cost of labor and materials) to build 160   seat auditorium.  This auditorium is being used primarily for the sophomore class.
5. New Appointments
a. Dr. Rowan Milne—Chair of the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences.  Dr. Miller, who took the position after Dr. Burrows retired, is an oncologist from South Africa.
b. Dr. Dana Zimmel—Chief of Staff
6. Student Financial Information
a. Tuition
i. 25,000/year for in-state students
ii. 44,000/year for out-of-state students
b. Average debt load of graduates—$140,000 (St. Kits—over $200 k)
7. Class Statistics
a. 83% of new class is female
b. average age of 29
8. Current Issues on Veterinary Education
a. New Schools
i. Four new veterinary schools have been proposed in the US—in AZ, AK, UT, TN
1. The TN school, at Lincoln Memorial University, is based on a 6 year program
ii. Two new schools in Caribbean—St. Matthews and Antiqua (alliance with VT/MD)
b. Concerned about enrollment numbers, as many schools have increased class size
i. Ross, which recently received accreditation, is now taking 140 students 3 x per year.
ii. St. George, which is expecting accreditation this year, takes two classes per year of  >100 students each.
iii. There is currently no study showing an increased need for veterinarians
1. While there is a need in some areas for Food Animal veterinarians, the AABP reports that there is not a shortage of veterinarians, but that the problem lies in the fact that veterinarians are unable to make a living in these areas.
iv. The reason for increased class sizes at many schools is primarily financial.  There are only three sources of money:  legislature, gifts/grants and tuition.  Of these three, tuition is the easiest for schools to change.  As it is, tuition increases an average of 10-15% per year, majorly impacting student debt.
v. The new AVMA president has made veterinary school enrollment a major focus of his presidency.
ii. Patricia Wlasuk, Office of Alumni Affairs
1. Would like to thank you the JVMS, who is supportive of the University.
2. Programs Supported by the JVMS
a. Emergency loan fund from JVMS
i. 8 $1000 gifts have been given so far
b. JVMS is a member of the Dean’s Circle of Excellence (other members include Drs. Nicoletti, Pennington and Sutliff)
i. Funds from this are being used to help modernize the library, providing more study space.
3. Resources for Veterinarians provided by UF
a. Online Career Resources Center (where you can review resumes and post job openings):  http://careers.vetmed.ufl.edu/
b. Out-Patient Diagnostic Imaging:  http://www.gatorvetimaging.com/
c. CE for Veterinary Technicians
iii. Jo Ann Winn,  Director of Alumni Affairs
1. There is a Pet Memorial Program at UF, which is a thoughtful way to express sympathies to clients.  Information was distributed at the meeting.
2. The University of Florida Veterinary Medicine Homecoming Celebration will be held on Nov 5.  There will be a meal, tailgating and tours of hospital.  UF-CVM Alumni should get email when registration opens or tickets can be purchased online at:  http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/college/alumni/homecoming.html.
8. Awards/Auditing/Bylaws/Peer Review/Trust Fund Committees
i. No update
9. Sanford-Brown Institute – Veterinary Technology Program—Dr. Jacoby
i. Sanford Brown is an AVMA Accredited Veterinary Technology Program in Jacksonville.  The school is located off of Southside Blvd, by the Avenues Mall.
ii. The school graduated their first class of 10 students 2 weeks ago.  Of these 7 are employed, 1 is moving and 2 are still looking for jobs, essentially giving the program an 80% job placement rate.
iii. Externships
1. Each student must complete a 10 week externship.
2. If your hospital is interested in being an externship site, please contact the school.
3. Thanks to those who are already affiliate sites.
4. There are currently 44 sites and 10 students at a time in externship.
iv. Dr. Jacoby would appreciate any feedback, good or bad.  The feedback is used to make improvements to the program.
v. Based on previous feedback, the program has increased hands on training for its students.
1. Dr. Jacks from ACPS sends animals 2 days per week for hands on training.
2. Area rescue groups are now sending animals for hands on training.
3. $6,000 worth of mannequins were recently ordered to help students with hands on training.
vi. The school does not offer services for faculty or students of the school, as they don’t want to take services away from local clinics.
10. ACPS/FCNMHP/Humane Society
i. Nothing new to report from Scott Trebatoski
ii. Mandarin adoption center to close September 24th, but operations to be run by FCNMHP.

1. Reported adverse reaction with Comfortis & high dose Ivermectin
FDA released a warning in 2008 regarding interactions between spinosad (Comfortis) and high dose ivermectin.  Potential drug interaction can cause signs of ivermectin toxicity.
i. Dr. Esser—Increased adverse effects have also been reported when Comfortis is combined with ketoconazole.  The company is currently looking for case reports, so please contact the Comfortis manufacturer with any problems.
2. A new veterinary school at Lincoln Memorial University (Tenn.) plans to open a veterinary college in 2012 that offers a 6-year combined Bachelor’s-DVM program.  Field work with local practitioners will be emphasized.
i. There will be no teaching hospital.  All training to be done with local practitioners
3. AAHA-AVMA Preventive Healthcare Guidelines was recently published by a task force consisting of general practitioners, specialists, and certified veterinary technicians.  This project was undertaken in response to a growing public perception that preventative health care is not important for pets.  This perception has resulted in a decline in patient visits and median number of active clients per veterinarian despite a growth in the number of dogs and cats kept as pets.  These guidelines can be used a blueprint for educating clients regarding the value of preventative health care and early diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Attached:  SOAP based preventive healthcare guidelines
i. Blue print to present to clients about value of preventative health and value of coming in for exams, etc. even if vaccines are not due.  There are both canine and feline preventative health guidelines available.

1. Dr. Jay Erne, Outgoing President
i. Thanked everyone for the opportunity to be president.  He enjoyed serving the community in this way.  It was a fun year and he appreciates the good discussions at meetings.  He hopes to see a continued increase in membership and attendance at meetings.
ii. A special thank you to Drs. Laura Kelsey, Heidi Chupp and Grant McMillan for serving as JVMS officers this past year.   Dr. Erne reported they all made his job much easier and their help was truly appreciated.
iii. Introduction of new president, Dr. Grant McMillan.  Dr. McMillian has been practicing at San Jose-Beauclerc Animal Hospital since 1999.  He is originally from Kansas City and graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1997.  Dr. McMillian has been an active member of the JVMS since arriving in Jacksonville and previously served as secretary for the society.
2. Dr. Grant McMillan, Incoming President
i. Thanks for the opportunity to serve.  Dr. McMillan is looking forward to the year.
ii. Thanks to Dr. Erne for a good year.  The year has gone very well, largely because of Dr. Erne’s leadership.  Thanks for being diplomatic and helping things to run smoothly.  Dr. Erne will stay on as Humane Society/ACPS Liason.
3. Election of new officers for 2011-2012
i. Proposed Officers
1.  Pres Elect-Dr. Tim Holloway
2. Secretary—Dr. Erin Hatcher
3. Treasurer—Dr. Heidi Chupp
ii. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept this new slate of officers.
4. New Business
i. Dr. Cindy Miller proposed that a Membership Committee be formed, as it is difficult to keep an accurate list of current JVMS members.  It was proposed that this committee be composed of the Secretary, Treasurer, CE Chair and Website Chair.  These officers recently met and ideas were to keep the list backed up on an external website, encourage new membership by sending CE mailings, an invitation to join and updates about JVMS to non-member veterinarians in the area twice a year.  A motion was made, seconded and accepted to establish the Membership Committee.
ii. Dr. Tiffany Mosley would like to make everyone aware of a service called Lap of Love (www.lapoflove.com), an in-home end of life hospice care and euthanasia service.  If anyone has any questions about this, please visit the website or contact her.
iii. Dr. Brad Schmidt would like to recognize Dr. Paul Sorrentino for passing his Internal Medicine boards on the first attempt.  He will be joining NFVS at the Jacksonville office.  In addition, Dr. Schmidt would like everyone to be aware that Dr. Sue Suthers is now available for acupuncture and other complimentary medicine at the NFVS Jacksonville office.

Meeting Adjournment
Dr. Laura Kelsey